Vietnam Women’s Union launches 2024 theme and contests

On January 5, within the framework of the 8th session of the 13th Central Executive Committee of the Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU), the Central VWU held a launching ceremony for the 2024 theme "Promoting the application of information technology in VWU activities" and two contests: Applying information technology (IT) in VWU’s 2024 activities and Composing songs on Vietnamese Women and Mothers.
Launching Ceremony

The launching ceremony was held onsite in Hanoi, online with 63 provinces and cities nationwide.

The 2024 theme "Promoting the application of information technology in VWU activities" is associated with implementing the VWU’s breakthrough for the 2022-2027 term "Innovating the VWU operating methods, focusing on the IT application".

With this theme, the Central VWU will focus on giving direction and support. Women's Unions of provinces, cities and VWU’s subordinated units will actively research to have IT application methods and measures to suit practical situation, needs and capacity of WU staff and members. The VWU will gradually implement digital transformation in its activities; improve the capacity of VWU staff at all levels; provide communication, advocacy, and promote the central role and active participation of women of all social walks in the national digital transformation process.

Contest “Applying IT in VWU’s 2024 activities”

The contest aims to raise awareness and skills of VWU staff at all levels to enhance the IT application in VWU activities in general, in organizing meetings of women’s groups and chapters in particular; to promote the creativity of VWU staff through the application of modern technology, taking advantages of IT; and to attract the attention and active participation of members in innovating VWU activities.

Brand Identity of VWU’s 2024 theme "Promoting the application of information technology in VWU activities"

The contest also aims to find good practices on IT applications in VWU meetings to replicate nationwide to improve the quality of WU meetings, thereby attract women’s increasing participation in VWU activities; to accelerate the VWU’s digital transformation process, thus improving the Union’s professionalism, and affirming its role and position.

Contest “Composing songs on Vietnamese Women and Mothers”

To praise and honor the love, compassion, kindness, sacrifice, and role of Vietnamese women and mothers, the Central VWU coordinated with the Vietnam Union of Literature and Arts Associations and the Vietnam Musicians' Association to organize a Song Writing Contest on Vietnamese women and mothers. The contest aims to encourage professional and amateur musicians to write songs and musical works praising Vietnamese women and mothers, including “patron mothers/parents”.

VWU President Ha Thi Nga speaks at the Launching Ceremony

Speaking at the Launching Ceremony, Ms. Ha Thi Nga, Member of the Party Central Committee, VWU President emphasized that the 2024 theme and contests are important to specify the Resolutions of the Party and of the 13th National Women's Congress; to spread positive messages to, mobilize the participation of VWU staff, members, women at large, and the society. This contributes to innovating VWU’s methods of gathering members and building a strong VWU organization.

VWU President requested WUs of provinces, cities and VWU subordinated units to translate the theme "Promoting the application of information technology in VWU activities" into concrete actions, overcome limitations and difficulties, and proactively make recommendations to the Party Committee, local authorities to create opportunities and favorable conditions for the VWU of different levels to undertake their 2024 tasks.

She hoped that the contests will receive the attention and positive response from agencies, VWU staff, members, women, musicians, artists, and the whole society.


The Patron-Parent Program was launched by the VWU in 2021 to support orphans due to COVID -19. To date, the Program has mobilized over USD 6.2 million and supported nearly 27,670 orphans, including more than 3,000 orphans due to COVID-19.

Translated by VWU International Relations Dept.