TYM launches mobile app

On November 2, 2022, TYM officially launched TYM Mobile application for individual customers. This is the first mobile application that TYM has developed and is considered a breakthrough step to help TYM advance and promote customers’ experiences.
UN Under-Secretary-General for Peace Operations Jean-Pierre Lacroix (front, ninth from left), Deputy Defence Minister Hoang Xuan Chien (front, 10th from left), and other participants in the conference in Hanoi on November 26 (Photo: VNA)

TYM Mobile helps customers manage financial information and perform a number of activities in the process of lending and depositing/withdrawing savings more conveniently and quickly, such as easily looking up loan and savings deposits information of customers at TYM; information about TYM’s current products, and customers can perform many actions to send loan requests, deposit requests or request to change personal information on the application interface.

The TYM Mobile application is also integrated with a functional group for TYM staff. Officers can access information of customers under their management, loan information, savings and receive and process customer requests.

TYM Mobile with a modern minimalist design and scientifically arranged utilities to support users in the process of choosing and using services according to their needs. In particular, the application has high security, ensuring the safety of customer information.

TYM Mobile is an application for customers developed by TYM staff themselves, based on understanding users’ needs and capabilities of TYM. TYM hopes that the use of this application will help women, especially women in rural, remote and isolated areas, and those who have little access to technology, will gradually get used to using this application. exploit and use information on mobile applications, contributing to making their lives more convenient and responding to the development needs of society. This is also the premise for the deployment of other modern and professional applications of TYM later.

Right before the official deployment time, TYM received 2,097 customers’ registration requests to use TYM Mobile. TYM hopes that in the coming time, the number of people installing and using TYM Mobile will continue to increase and users will have many good experiences with this first application of TYM. For TYM, these are also the next steps in the development and application of digital technology in TYM’s activities; contributing to the implementation of the orientation towards 2030 in the action plan to implement the National Financial Inclusion Strategy: “100% of TYM’s customers have access to financial services through applications on smart devices”.

Currently, TYM Mobile application is available on GooglePlay (for Android operating system) and Appstore (for iOS operating system).

Instructions for installing the application for customers: https://youtu.be/tVQiF9jabrg