Da Nang Women’s Union: Training on prevention of criminals for local women cadres

On the morning of 22nd of April 2010, with the support of the Presidium of the Central Vietnam Women’s Union, Da Nang Women’s Union conducted a training course to improve local women cadres’ capacity in organizing communicative activities on community-based criminal preventions.

At the training course, representatives from Da Nang Security Department and the Central Vietnam Women’s Union provided the participants with information about criminal situations and social evils in Vietnam and Da Nang city, as well as measures to educate and present children in the families from crime and involvement in social evils.


On this occasion, Women’s Union of Hai Chau District held communicative activities o­n crime prevention, discussion and sharing experiences between families who have good children and those who have members violated laws but currently made progress.

(Translated by Int’l Relations Dept)