Vietnam-Cambodia cooperation in fighting trafficking in women and children

At the Conference of Vietnam - Cambodia border executive cooperation against trafficking in women and children held in Ho Chi Minh City from November 16-17 2005, delegates discussed measures to strenthen bilateral cooperation in fighting crimes, especially the trafficking in women and children.

The conference was joint-organized by Vietnam General Department of Police (Ministry of Police) and Combodia Department of combating human trafficking and junior justice. At the conference, the two sides agreed to continue their close cooperation, implementing effectively the signed of agreements and memorandum of understanding.


The local police of border areas in the two countries will have strengthened cooperation in patrols, control frontier, exchange information in order to timely discover and prevent illegal border crossing which includes involvement withtrafficking in women and children.


Vietnam and Cabodia will also continue to build and sign bilateral agreementson women and children anti-trafficking, to set up hot lines between funtional agenciesand police forces of border areas in the two country for information exchange and timely criminal pursuit.


In the past years, Vietnam and Cambodia police forces have had successful cooperation in diccovering and stoping many cases of trafficking in women and chlidren.

International relation department