Traditional performing arts program, "Timbre of Vietnam",

With the desire to become a cultural address, the Vietnam Women's Museum is finding more programs to share gender-imbued traditional cultural values with the public. People visiting the museum not only have the opportunity to see the displays and exhibitions but also to experience the vibrant cultural space. This desire has been supported by the two artists Mrs. Thanh Hoa and Mrs. Thanh Ngoan through the traditional art performance "Timbre of Vietnam".


The program introduces intangible cultural values through ethnic instruments and different kinds of Vietnamese traditional opera such as “cheo”, “xam” and “chau van”. Performances are carefully selected and designed to honor Vietnam’s timbre. Some performances are made in tune with the museum's exhibition content. For example ‘chau van’ singing and the ‘receiving incarnations of the deities’ performance vividly demonstrate the Mother worshiping credence displayed at the museum. 


     While listening to music and enjoying a hot cup of tea and peanut candy (traditional dishes of the Vietnamese when receiving guests), visitors indulge themselves deeply in a traditional cultural spaceof the common Vietnamese people. 


The program has received enthusiastic responses from people living in Hanoi and foreign visitors. Mary Larke and her husband David Larke, visitors from Australia, have expressed interest in seeing the program: "It's great that the Vietnamese Women's Museum enables visitors to learn about Vietnamese traditional music and culture. The repertoire is very impressive and beautiful. This is the first time we visit Vietnam, I'll be back and will recommend people to come here! " 


This weekly program that combines a museum visit and traditional Vietnamese art performances has received positive attention from many travel companies, such as Exotissimo, Wildlotus Adventures, VP tour, Phoenix, Saigontourist, etc. Ms Dang Bich Tho, Phoenix tour operator, said: "The program is very rich, just what we are looking for. And very impressive ending with the “incarnations of the deities” ritual . The 45 minute duration of the program is suitable for tourists. 


The "Timbre of Vietnam" Program is held every Monday at 3:00pm at the Vietnam Women's Museum (36 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hanoi). It is supported by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism to introduce to international travelers the special features of the Vietnamese traditional culture. For further information, please contact Ms. Pham Bich Hang (Tel: 04.39361869, mobile 0983621974, email


Translated by the International Relations Department, VWU