Thirteenth National Women's Congress to open soon

The 13th National Women's Congress (2022-2027 term) is an important political event and a big festival of women nationwide and the Vietnam Women's Union (VWU) itself. The Congress will be held from March 9th to 11th, 2022 in Hanoi with the theme "Promoting fine traditions, solidarity, creativity, and international integration; building a stronger VWU organization for women's happiness and country's prosperity".
Women nationwide expecting the 13th National Women's Congress

The 13th National Women's Congress will be attended by 1,000 delegates who are exemplary women of different social strata, ethnic groups, religions, and sectors throughout the country, along with about 200 guests. The oldest delegate is 80 years old and the youngest is 24. Strict epidemic prevention measures are to be applied and all the delegates and guests will be tested for the COVID-19.

Congress agenda

The opening session will be held on the morning of March 10th, 2022 and live-broadcast on the VTV1 channel of Vietnam Television. The session consists of an opening speech by VWU President, review of VWU's activities and the Central Executive Committee's performance over the past 5 years, a video clip, interventions by Congress delegates, and a remark by a leader of the Party and State.

Other official sessions are themed discussions with five simultaneous worshops, and election of VWU's Central Executive Committee term XIII.

The closing session includes minutes of the first meeting of the new Central Executive Committee, introduction of the newly-elected Central Executive Committee and approval of the Congress's Resolution.

Side-events of the Congress include an opening the exhibition "Vietnamese women expanding their dreams" and launching of SMS campaign to raise fund for the program "Supporting women in border areas” with a target of at least 130 livelihood schemes with a total value of US$ 5,500 for disadvantaged women.

The Congress aims at reviewing the Vietnamese women's movement and VWU’s activities in the past 5 years and setting directions and tasks for the 2022-2027 term. According to the draft documents to be presented to the Congress, the major orientations in the 2022-2027 term are determined as follows.

VWU President Ha Thi Nga


Emulation movements and campaigns

In response to emulation movements and campaigns of the country, the Congress is to mobilize VWU staff, members, and women nationwide to participate in the emulation movement "Building the Vietnamese women of the new era" (who are equipped with knowledge and skills, fine ethical values, health, and sense of responsibility for themselves, and for family, society and country as a whole).

The campaign "Building the family of 5 Without-s and 3 Clean-s”[1] is to continue based on achievements gained in previous termsUpgraded models “Building the family of 5 With-s and 3 Clean-s”, however, will be piloted in the advanced and modeled new-style rural areas.

Two breakthroughs are identified for the new term, i.e: 1) Innovating the VWU’s operation mode, focusing on the application of information technology; and 2) Building a stronger WU organization at the grassroots.

There will be 3 main tasks, i.e: 1) Supporting women in their comprehensive development and in building prosperous, happy, progressive, and civilized families; 2) Participating in building the Party and political system; focusing on social supervision and criticism; and mobilization the society to realize gender equality; and 3) Building a stronger VWU organization which is more proffesional, effective and proactive in international intergration.

The support and assistance by international friends and partners is very valuable for VWU growth over the years (photo taken at 90th VWU Anniversary, 2020)

On this occasion, various activities are launched by the VWU to celebrate the Congress.

The "Ao Dai Week" is launched nationwide from 1st to 8th March to celebrate Vietnamese women’s identities and to promote Vietnamese cultural heritage.

A special emulation initiative named "130 creative and effective projects/tasks to celebrate the 13th National Women's Congress" has been implemented in the whole VWU system. Thirteen outstanding projects/tasks have been awarded, which focus on protecting the envirornment and supporting poor women and children and those affected by the COVID-19, etc.

Right after the Congress conclusion, instead of cultural performances as usual, women and VWU staff nationwide are to plan trees to celebrate the Congress's success. The target is to plant at least 130,000 trees on this occasion.

[1] 5 without-s are no poverty, no family members violating the law and social evils, no domestic violence, no violation of population policy, no malnourished children, and no school dropouts. 3 clean-s are Clean house, clean kitchen, clean surrounding streets.


Translated by VWU International Relations Dept.