The Vietnamese Women’s Union launches the campaign “Women Committed to Safe Food Hygiene”

On the morning of June 27th, the Vietnam Women’s Union launched the safe food campaign and a campaign to promote Vietnamese products "Vietnamese people will give priority to the use of Vietnamese goods". The opening ceremony of the exhibition "Safe Food Hygiene - Take action now" took place at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum. Attending the ceremony were H.E. Vu Duc Dam, Deputy Prime Minister and Member of the Communist Party; Madam Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, President of the Vietnam Women’s Union and Member of the Communist Party; Mr. Truong Quoc Cuong, Vice Minister of Health; leaders of ministries, departments, and agencies from Hanoi as well as large numbers of the Vietnam Women’s Union members at all levels and from all districts of Hanoi.

The first campaign and exhibition aim to promote, mobilize and enhance the role of women in the whole country in the area of food safety and hygiene; and to encourage their o­ngoing responsibility for family and community health. The second campaign encourages the use of goods made in Vietnam.

Addressing the guests, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam stated that “Women are in all fields of production, processing, trading, and consumption of food and goods. Women are great communicators and supervisors and can thus ensure food safety. They are also pioneers in choosing and using products and goods of Vietnam, thereby spreading the profits to our community.

While announcing the campaign, the VWU’s President in her keynote speech said, “With the political determination and strong will of the Vietnam Women’s Union and support from all levels and all agencies, as well as with the strength of women and their responsibilities in the family, we take action now to bring a safe, healthy life for our families and our society”. After the ceremony, all levels of the Vietnam Women’s Unions in the whole country will implement the mobilization campaign by supporting the women to enhance their capacity, awareness and active role to ensure food safety, and committing to the safe, responsible consumption of drinks

Visiting the exhibition “Safe Food Hygiene – Take action now!” Mr. Vu Duc Dam shared his feelings with the VWU’s members.
He urged all the relevant agencies to join hands with the people to show them how to distinguish safe and unsafe products. The unsafe food will disappear if nobody buys it.

The mobilization campaign and the exhibition contribute to strengthening the role and participation of Vietnamese women to ensure safe food hygiene, as well as choosing the goods made in Vietnam based o­n the Decision of the 12th National Women’s Congress.

Some images at the ceremony:


Photo: Deputy Prime Minister addressing guests at the mobilization campaign

Photo: Cutting the ribbon at the exhibition opening ceremony 
Photo: Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam discussing how to identify safe products with the VWU’s members