The Central Vietnam Women’s Union approved 6 scientific thematical studies

On the 6th of April 2004, the Scientific Council of the Central Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU), chaired by Madam Ha Thi Khiet, President of the Vietnam Women’s Union, Chairwomen of Scientific Council of the Central Vietnam Women’s Union, organized a meeting to approve the 6 scientific thematical studies relating to the VWU activities.

Participating in the meeting were members of the VWU Scientific Council, research teams, members of the VWU Permanent Presidium and representatives from differentdepartments and units of VWU.

After o­ne day of intensive work, the VWU Scientific Council approved the 6 studies. These studies were entitled “Participation of female laborers of industrial zone to WU activities at their residential areas”; “The desired working age of governmental women officials and female laborers in the industrialization and modernization”; “The situation of life and the participation of WU activities by the aging women in Vietnam”; “Needs assessment o­n the belief and religion of ethnic women”; “The situation o­n the content and performance of VWU and recommendations o­n solution for the tenure 2007-2012”; “The implementation of grassroots democracy by rural women and the solution for prompting their capacity to implement grassroots democracy”.

Thu Thuy