Speech of Vice President of Kovalevskaia Prize in VietnamAt anniversary of 25th years Kovalevskaia Prize in Vietnam


Hanoi, 12 March 2010


Hoang Thi Ai Nhien

Vice President of Vietnam Women’s Union

Vice President of Prize Committee

Dear distinguished guests!


Kovalevskaia Prize bears the name of the eminent Russian Doctor Mathematician, the greatest female scientist of the 19th century- Sophia Kovalevskaia.

In 1985 the International Fund for Kovalevskaia Prize was established with the founder and their initial financial contribution from the couple Prof.Dr Ann and Neal Koblitz. So far the Fund has supported 8 developing countries of Peru, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Mexico, Cuba, South of Africa, Mozambique and Vietnam. The Prize Fund provided the scholarships for female scientists to encourage them in studies and researches o­n the basic sciences.

In 1985, Kovalevskaia Prize Committee in Viet Nam was also set up and headed by Madame Nguyen Thi Binh – former Vice president of Vietnam, Minister of the Ministry of Education and Training at that time; the other members of the Prize Committee included representatives of Vietnam Women’s Union; Ministry of Science and Technology; Vietnam Trade’s Union and representative of prize winners.

After 25 years of established and developed, the Vietnamese Kovaleskaia Prize has been achieved the satisfactory result with: 34 individuals and 15 groups of the most outstanding female scientists in the field of the natural science to be selected by Kovaleskaia Prize Committee.


Dear distinguished guests!

Recalled 25 years ago, when the country was in peace and reunification just for 10 years, the Social and Economic situations were extremely experiencing numerous difficulties, scientific and educationalfields were facing the difficulties and pressured by the requirement of the society. In this situation, the foundation of Kovaleskaia Prize for women scientists in the field of natural science and application were the huge encouragement for Vietnamese women. We have a proverb that "A small piece when hungry equal to a package when full" which is actually true in this case.

Today, looking back to the achievements of the female scientists who received awards in 25 years, we are extremely excited and proud. They are the scientist, physicists, biological, agricultures, doctors, engineers, teachers and researchers who have many works of science, as well asdiverse applications achievements, bringing benefits to society and country.

Notably, the application achievements were not a random result, these almost are the result of the long term process of basic research-oriented. Most of their research subjects access to modern science research reflecting the update, and international integration of scientific research; focusing o­n areas:

-Researches to create the new rice varieties, vegetables, silkworm breeding, cattle breeding, poultry with high economic efficiency, which recognized as the seed of nation and used o­n a large scale.

-Research and produce of different types of vaccine for prevention of serious diseases for humans and animals; studying of parasites contribute to the health care of the community. Applying successfully theIVF method at Tu Du hospital in Ho Chi Minh City

-Research and develop the National strategy o­n nutrition; utilize the local medicinal herbs to produce pharmaceutical products providing for the community health - care. Exploit of waste and auxiliary materials of agricultural, fishery to produce the active biologically substances with highvalue; producing and applying of enzymes substances in the industry, especially, in food processing industry.

-Studying of theoretical physics; creating materials nanostructures; researching and exploiting solar energy applied to Vietnam situation. Produce the biological products to limitthe use of a pesticide chemical, minimize the environmental pollution, serving to produce thesafety agricultural production; producing of microbial preparations oil, for the exploitation and troubleshooting of the oil drilling industry.

-The winners are also successful in the chemical industry research such as manufacturing the color chemical products, synthetic food color, waterproof paints, paint road safety, anti-erosion and protect metal ... which bring the economic values. The KOVA painting products are sold widely o­n the market.

-In the industry fiber, they have achieved the results such as: researching to use fiber Visco for spinning weaving garment clothing, studying plans for chemical fiber mixed with cotton to Polynozic Visco spinning weaving; establishing a new process technology in cotton textiles, synthetic fibers, and silk.

-The study o­n computer science, the management of Vietnamese natural language by computer ... The typical productshave been widely used such as fix spelling mistakes in Vietnamese, bilingual English – Vietnamese translation, access information in databases and multimedia information in Vietnamese.

Prize winners are also the authors or co-authors of many research books, textbooks, reference books in many field or researches.

Besides the research work and scientist application, they are whole-hearted to assist their colleagues and to guide young scientists and graduate - students to defend their doctor’s thesis successfully.

They are also good leaders and managers within their agencies, companies and enterprises. From their researches, they develop their business and becomesuccessful entrepreneurs and have many contribution to the society.

Some of them were assigned to be the representatives of scientists participating in managerial levels and scientific consultancy as well as in the National Council of science-technology Policies, Executive Committee of different professional Unions, the Science-Technology Associations, International Science Associations..

Especially, after receiving the prizes, the winners keep going o­n striving in their careers and until now there are 10 professors, 20 are associate professors, 56 doctors, 7 People’s Doctors, 8 People’s Teachers, 7 outstanding teachers, 5 outstanding doctors. Some of them received State’s prizes, Labour medal level I, II and III, Certificate of creativeness in Labour and many certificates of Merit from ministries, branches. They have become typical exemplariness, the beautiful flowers in the flowery garden of Vietnamese women.

Distinguished guests!

Every success must be accompanied with the great efforts. To women scientists in order to achieve the success, they must be very passionate and committed with the science and overcame all the obstacles from themselves, families and society. They know how to manage and balance between work and life so that they can spend more time for the science with the belief that their activities in science will contribute to the scientific, social and economic development of the country as well as bring happiness for other people and women.

On this Anniversary, it is very sad to inform you that among prizewinners, 3 women passed away, they are: Professor, Doctor Duong Thi Cuong, Associate Professor. Dr. Nguyen Thi Bau and Professor. Science Ph.D Vo Hong Anh. We would like to express our respect, memory and thank to their contribution to the National science.

Distinguished guests!

Along with the success of the women scientists, during the past 25 years, Vietnam Kovalevskaia Prize Committee, under the leadership of President Nguyen Thi Binh, Committee members, in which VWU acting as the standing office, worked very seriously with high responsibility in identifying and assessing applications to select the truth winners every year.

At the Anniversary today, I would propose that guests and participants warmly praise the achievements, contribution that women scientists and Vietnam Kovalevskaia Prize Committee has gained during the past 25 years.

Distinguished guests!

Besides the prize awarding to women scientists held every year, every 2 years, Prize Committee also hold get-together with the excellent students in the area of natural science from universities in the country with the aim to introduce Kovalevskaia Prize to them and encourage them to strive for and follow the examples of famous scientists. Until now, hundreds of them participated in these get – together. Many of them have become young potential scientists.

Before this Anniversary, yesterday at the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Professor, Doctor Ann and Neal Koblits and the Prize Committee had a meeting with 20 excellent female students studying in the natural science from universities in Ha Noi, Vinh, Hue, Da Nang, Thanh Hoa and Thai Nguyen Provinces. Students had opportunities discuss and visit activities of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology. Such activities have actually enriched students’ interest and enthusiasm inscience. Attending the Anniversary, there are some female potential students, representatives of some universities. We wish them success in their study and research.

Distinguished guests!

In order to gain the success, women scientists have usually received the attention of the leaders of the Party, State, ministries, branches…. o­n behalf of the Prize Committee and women scientists, I would like to thank leaders of the Party, State, ministries, agencies, institutes… and the Vietnam Women’s Union for their direction, cooperation in creating conditions, cultivating and introducing excellent applicants, outstanding women scientists so that Prize Committee can successfully carry out all the work of selection, prize awarding and honoring women scientists. We also would like to thank the support form individuals, agencies and media that help us communicate the prize activities and we hope that the Prize will continue to receive the attention of the Party, State and others relating agencies.

We would like to specially send our sincere thanks to Professor, Doctor Ann and Neal Koblitz, Kovalevskaia Fund Director for their support during the past 25 years. We would thank you so much for your continuing support to our Prize Committee and to increase the prize value in the next period. To recognize the contribution and efforts of Mr and Mrs Ann Koblitz, we are very happy to know that the President of the State decides to award the Friendship Medal, the noble title of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam to you. Congratulation.

Distinguished guests!

The period of Modernization and Industrialization has required the responsibilities and contribution from the female scientists. Kovalevskaia Prize has gone more than 2 decades form the difficult time of our country until now, when our country is integrating into the international economy. However, the prize still has great attraction to women scientists and encouraged them to follow their careers. That confirms the importance and the meaning of the prize.

To promote the achievements of 25 years, the Prize Committee together with women scientists continue to develop the prize, to encourage more women participating in research, and science application.

We believe that under the leadership of the Vietnam Communist Party, especially the effectiveness of the implementation of the Party resolution o­n women; o­n building up the intellectuals in the period of enhancing industrialization-modernization of the country; with the tradition “heroic, undaunted, loyal and responsible” and Vietnamese women’s intelligence, dynamic and creativeness, we believe that women in science will continue to contribute to the cause of country’s construction and development.

We would to thank you and wish leaders, guests and participants good health!

(Translated by Int’l Relations Dept)