Models to support women’s international integration

International integration brings both opportunities and challenges for women in various fields. Women need to enhance their knowledge and skills to avoid the risk of falling behind. To support women's proactive and effective integration, the Central Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU) directed the development of some models for supporting women's integration in 2021.
“Inspiring Women Leaders" Workshop in Nghe An

Women leaders network integrates with confidence

In the context of international integration, female leaders have to make greater efforts to overcome gender barriers in order to succeed. Therefore, the model "Women leaders in international integration with confidence" was piloted in three provinces of Thai Binh, Nghe An and Kon Tum with the support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in 2022. Participating in the network are female leaders and potential female leaders of provincial departments, agencies, Women’s Union, local universities and colleges, and outstanding female entrepreneurs. The network has been established by the Provincial Women’s Unions with the consensus of local leaders and has its own operating regulations.

Members of the network have been trained on many practical contents related to international integration such as diplomatic etiquette and protocol, cultural sensitivity in foreign communication, leadership and personal development skills. Besides, they also have an opportunity to meet and be inspired by successful and famous women in many fields at the Workshop "Inspiring Women Leaders". The establishment and operation of the model have contributed to increase intersectoral connections and collaboration at the local level, creating a chance for female leaders to learn, exchange and share experiences, thus helping them become more confident in the international integration process.

Club “Women in international environmental integration”

It is necessary to pay special attention to environmental protection when Vietnam participates in new generation Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and adheres to international commitments. With the support of the Danish Embassy in Viet Nam, ​​the Central VWU has piloted the establishment of 06 Clubs “Women in international environmental integration” in 06 communes and wards of Thanh Hoa, Ha Tinh and Quang Binh provinces to raise awareness of and support women in environmental protection. Each club has 50 members and operates with its own regulations under the coordination of the club management unit.

Members of Club “Women in International Environmental Integration” in Quang Binh

To guide the club's operations, the VWU has developed a set of materials to use for periodic meetings and training of the club’s management unit and core members, WU staff at local levels, and female entrepreneurs. The clubs also developed 18 communication products in the theatre form and widely distributed the products at local meetings and communication events. Since their inception, the clubs have actively registered to organize periodic environmental clean-ups. The clubs have been equipped with workwear, trash cans, brooms, shovels, loud speakers, etc. to communicate and preserve environmental sanitation in sea squares, cultural houses, residential roads, etc.

Club “Women with cyber integration”

A practice session for club members

In the context of international integration and digital transformation, cyber integration skills are essential. The Central VWU has supported Ha Tinh Provincial WU to pilot the model of Club “Women with cyber integration” in Nam Hong ward, Ha Tinh city.

The club has 35 members and regular monthly activities in diverse forms such as theatricalizing, training and at-home counseling. Joining the Club, the members have their awareness raised about the positive and negative aspects of using the internet and social networks. They are instructed to look up information and use useful softwares for studying and daily life; to identify fake and real news, verify information, and behave civilly online, especially in cases related to international interactions and transactions; to use social networks to introduce about the homeland, the country, and Vietnamese women to international friends, etc. Until now, 15 clubs of this type have been established in 10 out of 13 districts and provincial towns of Ha Tinh province.

Although the club model is still in a pilot phase, it has received high response and appreciation from the club members and local authorities, contributing to improving the capacity of VWU members and women. The model also suggests the direction on women's international integration activities in the coming time.

By VWU International Relations Department