Accompanying women on digital business journey

Promoting goods on the e-commerce platform is a solution for many business women during the epidemic. This is also a future trend when digital transformation is widely popular around the world, especially in Vietnam.
Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Dung - Vice Chairman of Vietnam E-commerce Association (VECOM) speaks at VWU’s online training program

In the current complicated context of the COVID-19 epidemic, goods produced by VWU members and women in localities can hardly be consumed. Although WUs at all levels have joined hands to support the product consumption, there are many limitations in traditional ways of connecting and transporting through the postal system. More than ever, it is necessary to support women to access e-commerce, to place goods on the trading floor, or provide women with livestreaming knowledge and skills. 

E-commerce is the key to business during the epidemic

Sharing about e-commerce at the online capacity building training program on supporting women start-ups in digital technology application organized by the Vietnam Women's Union on September 9, 2021, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Dung - Vice Chairman of Vietnam E-commerce Association (VECOM) said: “The  technology ecosystem in e-commerce implementation for women-owned small and medium enterprises helps save initial investment costs and is flexible according to the business size”.

According to VECOM Vice Chairman, during the prolonged epidemic, businesses have their operations disrupted or suspended. Many women become unemployed, thus losing their incomes. Training to equip women with knowledge and skills on online selling will create opportunities for them to make money at home. 

On the other hand, the COVID-19 epidemic also opens up many opportunities for women to do online businesses when every item and product is put on e-commerce platforms. Products that have never appeared on e-commerce platforms such as vegetables, fish, etc. are also sold online because of the pandemic. To support women during the prolonged epidemic, the "Digital Grocery" project implemented by the Vietnam E-Commerce Association has helped many women to distribute essential items to people while staying at home.

WUs at all levels accompany women to develop the digital economy 

E-commerce brings many business opportunities to women. It is the time when women need the companionship of WUs at all levels to help them better understand the role of e-commerce, how to put goods on the e-commerce floor, organize trade promotion events, connect with state management agencies, businesses, partners, etc. to find market outlets for products of each locality.

Central VWU leaders at online training program

Sharing about the role of WUs at all levels in accompanying women entrepreneurs in the digital era, VWU Vice President Do Thi Thu Thao said: “In draft document of the 13th National Women's Congress which is being consulted with VWU Executive Committee, ‘Application of information technology in VWU activities’ is identified as an important breakthrough in the coming period to help the VWU, its members and women to take advantage of the digital transformation and actively participate in the national digital transformation. The VWU accompanies and supports its staff, members, and women to develop the digital economy, build digital society and digital family. These are solid steps to help women join the digital economy, find business opportunities, and earn income during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Accompanying women on the business journey, in September 2021, the Vietnam Women's Union organized capacity building training for VWU staff at provincial level throughout the country, thus enabling them to effectively support women business start-ups.


Translated by VWU International Relations Department