Workshop on “SMEs Management and Promotion”

On August 28, Da Dang Women’s Union organized a workshop on “SMEs Management and Promotion” for municipal women-owned enterprises.

Present at the workshop, were the leaders of related agencies & organizations, experts and more than 100 women entrepreneurs in the city. Particularly, the workshop was attended by the delegation of women’s union and entrepreneurs from Champasac province, Laos P.R.D – o­ne of the provinces having close relationship with Da Nang city.


The workshop provided the venue for the municipal women entrepreneurs to meet, exchange and share their knowledge & experiences o­n business operation and management, discussing advantages & difficulties and making some policy recommendations o­n supporting women-owned enterprises.


It was a good chance for municipal women entrepreneurs to seek for partnership, joint-venture, investment & investment absorption, improvement of management skills, technology renovation, product-quality improvement, doing advertising and business promotion.


Also, the workshop has opened new business opportunities for women entrepreneurs of the two provinces Da Nang (Vietnam) and Champasac (Lao P.R.D), contributing to strengthening and enhancing good relations between our women./.

Danang Women’s Union
Translated by the Int’l Relations Dept., VWU