Vietnam Women’s Union supports Lai Chau women in border areas

On November 22, Alternate member of CPV Central Commitee, VWU Vice President Ms. Ton Ngoc Hanh, and the delegation visited to monitor the implementation of Project 8 and the activities under “Supporting women in border and island areas”program in Nam Ban border commune (Nam Nhun district, Lai Chau).
Ms. Ton Ngoc Hanh, VWU Vice President (left) donates warm clothes and necessities to Tao Me Teo (10 years old, a Mang ethnic girl from a poor family in Hua Pang village)

As reported by the local women’s union, the implementation of the Project and Program in the locality have gained significant achievements and always received under the Project 8 and Program received the directions of local authority’s leaders and collaboration of relevant agencies. However there are difficulties and obstacles in implementing the project including low disbursement, difficult geographical condition with a lot of natural disasters, obsolete traditions, low educational level and high poverty rate in the locality.

Sharing difficulties with the locality, VWU Vice President Ms. Ton Ngoc Hanh wishes that in the coming time, the Women Union at all levels in Lai Chau will be more urgent in directing and accelerating the progress of project implementation in the spirit of creativity, flexibility, perseverance and efficiency. Lai Chau Women’s Union must swiftly identify appropriate content and methods to implement the Project in line with the local context.

On this occasion, Ms. Ton Ngoc Hanh attended a regular meeting of the Community Communication Team focused on the topic "Communication and advocacy on promoting gender equality in areas of numerous ethnic minority women with beliefs and religions"; donated office equipment for the commune women’s union and essential goods (electric cooker, rice, clothes…) for nearly 150 local VWU’s disadvantaged members, women and children with the total value of over 5300 USD (130 million VND).

Some pictures from the delegation's business trip:

100 essential gifts (rice cooker and rice) are given to poor members and women.

Delegation donates rice, necessities, textbooks… at the kindergarten and primary school in Hua Pang village, Nam Ban commune.

The delegation visited and presented gifts to the border guards


Nam Ban commune is one of 100 communes in “Supporting women in border and island areas” Program for the period 2021-2025. This is an extremely difficult border commune in Nam Nhun district, Lai Chau.  Its terrain is mountainous and dangerous, making transportation difficult. Due to the steep terrain, the commune frequently experiences landslides, flash floods, and soil erosion. The agriculture method is out of date among ethnic minority groups. The commune accommodates 11 ethnic groups of which Mong, Mang, and Ha Nhi groups outnumber. The educational level of women in the area is still low, and poverty rate remains high, with 46.32% (189 households) living in poverty and 12.99% (53 households) living in near poverty. The commune also has risks of unstable border security including illegal cross-border migration and other social evils.

Translated by VWU International Relations Dept.