Vietnam Women’s Union shared the sorrow with Palestinian victims

On the afternoon of January 5th 2009, Mrs. Pham Hoai Giang, member of the Presidium, Head of the International Relations Department, Vietnam Women’s Union, had a visit with the Ambassador of Palestine, to share deep sympathy and sorry, for the Palestinian people, women and children who were victimized by the recent tragedy from Israeli military on the provinces of the Gaza strip.

On behalf of the Vietnam Women’s Union, Mrs. Pham Hoai Giang expressed that the Vietnamese Women’s Union support the Palestinian’s just struggle for independence. The Vietnamese Women’s Union condemns allmilitary attacks and gives full support to the international efforts for ending the conflict and promoting peace in the Middle East.

Excellency Ambassador of Palestine, Mr. Abdel Aziz Alaara has sincerely expressed his thanks to the Vietnam Women’s Union for their support o­n this crucial matter. He has praised the Vietnamese people and women for their sacrifices they have made, to make a victory of their own struggle for independence. He has also affirmed that the Palestinian people and women have faith in having justice served and having a victory of independence of their own.

Tranlated by Int’l Relations Dept