Vietnam Women's Union successfully wraps up 5-year movement against plastic waste

On November 14, the Vietnam Women's Union organized a review conference on the “Anti-Plastic Waste” movement, period 2018 - 2023. The movement, deeply embedded in all strata of women nationwide into a spirited and widespread effort, aiming to join hands collecting, recycling, and reducing single-use plastic waste, for environmental protection.
Delegates touring the exhibition at conference

Responding to the government's commitment and the United Nations' call to “Address Plastic and Nylon Pollution,” the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment initiated the “Anti-Plastic Waste” movement in October 2018. This involves the active participation of Ministries, socio-political organizations, international organizations and commitment of business associations, supermarkets and trading centers pledging to reduce plastic and single-use nylon products.

VWU Vice President Nguyen Thi Minh Huong delivers opening remark at the event


The VWU always considers environmental protection and anti-plastic waste as its important responsibilities. Over the past 5 years, the movement “Anti-Plastic Waste” has become a dynamic and widespread initiative among VWU’s system and women.

Conference overview

VWU Vice President, Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Huong, highlighted that the movement, with innovative approaches, is integrated into VWU's programs and projects, resulting in tangible effectiveness. This aligns with the resolutions of the National Women's Congress and the National Environmental Protection Strategy to 2030 and vision until 2050. The VWU at all levels has creatively implemented directions, guidelines and adapting them to local conditions, proactively planning and organizing the movement.

VWU’s efforts to raise awareness about environmental protection and plastic waste reduction have been widespread, influencing behaviors of members, women, and communities. Various innovative models such as “Women Against Nylon Bags,” “Say No to Single-Use Plastic,” “Turn Trash into Money,” and “Source Separation of Waste” have underscored role and responsibility of women and VWU in reducing plastic pollution, gradually improving quality of living environment.

Delegates at the event

The "Anti-Plastic Waste" movement, with diverse and practical activities, has positively contributed to national socio-economic objectives and mitigated environmental emerging issues at localities, to fulfill VWU’s role to empowering women in social participation and towards women's advancement goals.

According to Ms. Nguyen Minh Huong, while acknowledging achievements, a number of challenges remains, including incomplete awareness among members and people about their habit as well as harmful effects of single-use plastic. Works on household waste sorting and recycling among members and women need more improvements. Some anti-plastic waste models lack effective monitoring and evaluation, affecting their sustainability. Moreover, the protection of the environment is a collective responsibility, and coordination among various factors is essential.

Vietnam as well as many countries around the world today are still facing challenges from plastic pollution, directly affecting the quality of life and people's health and becoming a major risk hindering national sustainable development goals.

At the conference, representatives of the provinces gave presentations on their experiences as well as shared models, solutions, and role of women in plastic waste management...

64 individuals and 65 collectives were awarded for their outstanding achievements in the “Anti-plastic waste” movement, period 2018 - 2023.

Representatives of collectives receive VWU’s certificates of merit

Individuals receive VWU’s certificates of merit

Ms. Quach Thi Anh, President of Bac Ninh City Women's Union receives VWU’s personal certificate of merit

Translated by VWU’s International Relations Department