Vietnam Women's Union President Ha Thi Nga grasps the Covid-19 pandemic situation in the southern provinces and cities

On the morning of August 3rd, the Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU) President Ha Thi Nga had an online meeting with WU’s leaders of 19 southern provinces, cities and Hanoi City to hear and understand the Covid-19 pandemic situation.
VWU’s President Ha Thi Nga (second from the left) grasps the pandemic situation and WU’s activities of the southern provinces and cities

At the meeting, the WU’s leaders of the provinces and cities briefly reported to the VWU’s President on the recent developments of Covid-19 pandemic in the area, focusing on its severe impacts on the socio-economic situation, especially the life of the people in general, women and children in particular. The VWU’s system actively and responsibly joined with the political system as a whole, supported both materially and spiritually to the people, women and frontline forces on the disease prevention and control to overcome difficulties together, determined to win the pandemic and bring life back to peace.

Speaking at the meeting, Ms. Ha Thi Nga expressed her deep sharing in the difficulties and challenges caused by the pandemic re-emergence across the country, especially the southern provinces and cities in recent times. The President acknowledged and appreciated the spirit of mutual support of the provinces towards the pandemic-hit areas. She affirmed that the women’s work in this context has maximized VWU’s role and all women participating in pandemic prevention. Ms. Nga wishes that women would continue to stay healthy, promote women’s role and creativity. She also sent her cordial greetings to all WU’s staffs and members, women in the whole country, in pandemic areas as well, and hopes that women will continue to make effort to overcome the country's difficulties.


VWU’s President Ha Thi Nga (right photo) at the meeting

Regarding the organization WU’s Congress at all levels, the President said that it could be conducted in accordance with the pandemic development, but being flexibly organized by online form in some special cases with well prepared Congress documents, highlighting local specific issues, closely attached to Party Congress Resolution at all levels, choosing intimate issues related to women, family, women's rights, female workers…

VWU’s President basically agreed with the provinces and cities’ recommendations. The central  will study and have appropriate guiding documents in the coming time. This includes promoting communication, mobilizing WU’s staffs at all levels, relatives and families to well obey local regulations on pandemic prevention and control, timely awarding outstanding examples and typical activities of the WU’s grassroots in local works for pandemic prevention in order to spread and replicate in the community, praising women entrepreneurs and collectives for their active and timely contributions.


Translated by the VWU International Relations Department