1. Project Coordinator


The Project Coordinator will assist the Project Director in providing operational coordination and oversee all aspects of the project. The Project Coordinator will be in charge ofthe project’s effective operation, to monitoring the project progress and provide data for relevant organizations, as required. The Project manager will work under the Project Director.


Duties and Responsibilities:


1.Work plan

-To specify the project overall work plan into quarterly and monthly work plans and submit the work plans to the Project Director

-To prepare, update and regularly revise the project work plan;

-To deploy the work plans to project local offices

2.Regular Report

-To monitor to ensure the consistence of regular reports to the project’stargets, operation and budget

-To assist the local offices in preparing and timely submitting the project progress reports

-To summarize regular reports of the central and local offices and submit report to the Project Director

3.Operational Management

-To actively provide information for project offices in terms of project’s targets, operation, budget, organization and regulations, as required

-To coordinate the implementation of specific tasks of the project, include organizing the initial survey, making all arrangements for the workshops, training sessions in project framework; making and distributing communication documents; developing network; field visit; building trust addresses and organizations supporting victims of domestic violence;

-To provide support to the Project Director relating to technical and administrative procedures, rules and regulations;

-To monitor the local offices. To regularly make monitoring and evaluation trips to the provinces.

4.To translate documents and interpret if required.

5.To fulfill the other tasks as required by the Project Director.




·Skillful written and spoken English;

·A minimum of 3 years of experience in financial management and development projects;

·Strong sense and knowledge of gender equality issues; good knowledge of domestic violence issue;

·Ability to work independently and work in a team;

·Computer literacy; good communication skills; report writing skills;

·Experience in working with international counterparts

·Experience in working with communities and local Women’s Unions is an advantage


2. Assistant/Accountant


The Project Admin. Assistant/Accountant is overall responsible for administrative and logistic work; monitoring and maintaining the financial system, making financial reports and abiding by regulations of the donor and the Vietnamese Government. He/she is also in charge of instructing the project staff of all level to comply with the project’s cash control system and ensure accurate records.


Duties and Responsibilities:

1.To assist with the planning, logistics and organization of project activities. To organize project data storage, to make sure they are easy to use when necessary. To monitor the use of project equipment and stationary

2.To liaise with the project local offices, Vietnam government agencies and other related organizations.

3.Being well aware of Vietnam’s financial policies and regulations. Keep records of the financial information concerning with the project.

4.Ensure the financial reports are updated in time to meet the requirements of Central project director, of AECID and also of Vietnamese finance management agencies.

5.Follow and check all financial receipts to ensure the compliance with the project financial management principles, with agreement withAECID as well Vietnamese financial management principles.

6.Execute financial transactions with the bank and related agencies. Update information about the project bank account, follow and ensure bank reports to be accurate.

7.Monitor the request for disbursement, keep business account and inventory the whole property of the project, ensure the accuracy and compliance of purchasement receipts… as per the agreement with AECID and Vietnamese regulations.

8.Ensure the compliance of the project’s cash control system and ensure all records to be accurate.

9.Supervise, assist local project offices o­n financial procedures.



·At least 2-year experience in project finance/ accounting

·University degree in accounting

·Ability of budgeting, budget management and financial report

·Good computer skills, including excel, powerpoint, word, e-mail and internet.

·Ability to work independently and work in a team

·Fluent in English (writing and speaking)

·Experience in working with communities and local Women’s Unions is an advantage