Take a Step for Women ̣

On average, women and children in developing countries carry up to 15 kilograms of water, over more than 5 kilometres and for as long as 8 hours every day!!

Help us raise awareness of this issue through participating in our Spring Walks!


This is a message of Spring Walks occuring across australia which was oganizased byUnifem Australiaon Sunday September 21,


All money raised from Spring Walks in 2008 goes towards our Peace Scholarship Programme.


UNIFEM Australia works with the IDP Peace Scholarship Trust of IDP Education to provide opportunities for young women to study at Australian Universities who have already contributed to peace and gender equality in their own country, and who have pledged to continue that commitment o­n their return home.


Eight Viet Namese paticipants from leadership fellowship program supported byAust aids have joined this event. Thisaction is a commitment from Viet Nam toward promotingpeace and equalityfor women all over the world. 

Photo and story by: Hoàng Phương Mai
Women’s Aid, Reproductive Health Center – Vietnam Women’s Union