Son La: Organize refresher training on professional skills for 65 staff of women’s unions at grass-root level

From 17th – 26th of April, the Women’s Union of Son La Province collaborated with the Political Academy to organize a refresher training on professional skill for staff of women’s unions at grass-root level for the year 2008.

65 learners were Presidents, members of the Standing Committee and Executive Committee of Women’s Unions of Communes/Towns and chiefs of women’s union branches who had not been trained o­n professional skills before.


Participants were equipped with basic knowledge about the work of people mobilization of the Party for the new period; the work of women mobilization and the organization and activities of the women’s union at grass-root level; main guidelines and policies of the Party and State as to ways of developing a solid and sustainable economy considering Vietnam as a member of WTO; the Resolution of the 10th National Women’s Congress and the Charter of Vietnam Women’s Union.


The training provided staff of women’s unions at grass-root level with advanced knowledge and professional skills, helping them fulfill their assignments. 2 participants achieved good grade and other 57 obtained moderately good grade.

Nguyen Thi Nga – Son La WU
Translated by VWU’s Int’l Relations Dept.