Some strategic plans of Vietnam Women’s Union (2007-2012)

Donors’ meeting on 5th March 2008


 Focused programs, projects

 Target groups and places

 1. Legal education and protection of women’s dignity.

 1. Communicate the Laws of Gender Equality and Prevention of Domestic Violence for women and people in target areas.

2. Extend the forms of counseling o­n marriage and family issues; consolidate and develop the WU Couselling Centers o­n marriage in big cities.

3. Experiment some models of supporting women in foreign marriages and women trafficking victims in some border provinces close to China and Cambodia and in the 2 bigest cities.
 - Mountainous and rural areas.

- Ho Chi Minh, Can Tho, Da Nang, Ha Noi, Hai Phong.

- Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh
2. Promotion of women participating in leadership and management.1. Organize training and refresher training activities in order to increase the percentages of women candidates participating in the elections of National Assembly and People’s Council (including theraising awareness for men and implementingmeasures of promoting gender equality in all fields as defined in Gender Equality Law)

2. Organize the communication campaigns to public before the elections to promote and support for women candidates.

3. Organize exchange visits, look for scholarships to potential women and women leaders in order to improve their leadership capacity.

- Planned women carders in ministries/branches and local levels.

- Through mass media

3. Participate in policy formulation and advocacy; monitor the policy implementation o­n gender equality (social counter-argument)

1. Establish and strengthen the data base and information system for the policy advocacy and social counter-arguments.

2. Strongly activate the Gender Equality Law and Prevention of Domestic Violence Law, including the proposal of measures to gender equality and specific policies for mothers.

3.Amend the Family and Marriage Law (including the study and evaluation of this law in 10 year implementation)
 - The Central Women’s Union and the provincial level.
4. Assisting women in economic development and international integration.

1. Review all the credit-saving models of the Women’s Union; Study the transforming model according to the Degree No 28/CP

2. Formulate the proposal to establish the Vietnamese Women’s Bank.

3.Develop the model and improve the operational capacity for the Women entrepreneurs’ Clubs, preparing to establish the Association ofWomen entrepreneurs.

4. Capacity building for managers, teachers in vocational training Centers of the Women’s Union

5. Study the issues of immigration of rural women to urban areas, focusing in some big industrial zones such as Binh Duong, Vinh Phuc, Dong Nai…

5. Reproductive health care and family issues

1. Develop the program to educate 5 million mothers; replicating/duplicating the models of mother’s and girl’s clubs (the program of live skills and sex education) to all levels of Women’s Union.

2. Develop the model of Domestic violence prevention.

3. Study the pilot model of family services to meet the demands of different target groups (elderly people, disable people…)


- All Women’s Union levels




- Select the pilots in some rural areas.

6. Some activities relating to implementation of international conventions.

1. Evaluate the 15 year implementation of Beijing Platform of Action from the Vietnamese NGOs leading by Vietnam Women’s Union.

2. Develop the Women’s Union review reports to implement the Vietnam international commitments o­n gender equality and prevention of domestic violence.

3. Support to the operation of Women’s Union Website.

 7. Emergency Aids  - Relief

- Support for recovery of agricultural production, and other needs ( such as buying buffaloes and cows, seeds, breeds, saplings…)

 Tuyen Quang, Ha Giang, Lao Cai, Yen Bai, Bac Can, Cao Bang