PhuYen Women’s Union: Gave away 115 outfits to poor women in 9 districts for the Ky Suu Tet Holiday 2009

Districts including Tuy An, Tay Hoa, Dong Hoa, Song Cau, and Tuy Hoa, received fifteen outfits and other districts received ten outfits. All the clothes were donated by the Korea-Vietnam Friends Organization, worth around 23 million VND.

The Women’s Union also visited nine districts and cities, giving out 600 presents and Lunar New Year greetings to poor staff, members and women. The average cost for each present was 10 000 – 20 000 VND, and included candies, biscuits, cooking oil, noodles, ect. The money used to purchase these gifts was donated by benefactors, enterprises both inside and outside this province thanks to the Phu Yen Women’s Union’s campaign. 

Translated by Hoang Linh