National vaccinations funded through 2006

The national extended vaccination programme will get VND117bil (US$7.3mil) from the State and US$4mil in foreign aid, enough for 2006, said representative, Dr Nguyen Thi Thanh Ha.

The programme aims to ensure that over 90% of children less than o­ne year old are vaccinated with against seven major illnesses, including hepatitis B. The programme will also develop a system to oversee Japanese encephalitis o­n a trial basis.


For the project, health agencies will purchase 6.5mil doses of vaccine against diphtheria – pertussis, 5mil doses against tetanus, 4mil doses against tuberculosis, 10mil doses against poliomyelitis, 4.5mil doses against measles, 1.8mil doses against Japanese encephalitis, 0.7mil doses against typhoid and 1mil doses against cholera.


Most of the vaccines were produced locally, but for hepatitis B, the international community will provide 4mil doses free. Vietnam will also import 4.5mil doses of measles vaccine.


Last year, health agencies vaccinated 1.46mil children, 94.4% of the total, against the seven major illnesses and the national extended programme has helped maintain the target of eliminating paralytic and newborn tetanus.