Mr. Michael W. Marine, the United State Ambassador, Visited the VWU

After nearly 3 years working in Vietnam, the United State Ambassador, Mr. Michael W. Marine, visited the VWU for the first time. Mrs. Ha Thi Khiet, member of Central Communist Party Committee, VWU’s President, and Chairwoman of NCFAW welcomed him.

The Ambassador expressed his happiness to the new development of the VWU and congratulated members of the VWU who were elected into the N.A. He also highly appreciated the effort of the Vietnam Government as well as the VWU in creating favorable conditions and opportunities for women in Vietnam participating in the leadership structure of the country as well as in all activities includinghunger eradication and poverty alleviation, preventing social evils to implement successfully the National Strategy for the Advancement of Women in Vietnam in the term of 2005 – 2010, especially the Gender Equality Law which was approved by the N.A in December 2006 and the forthcoming Law o­n Preventing Domestic Violence.


At the meeting, the Ambassador paid special attention to the issue of protecting the Vietnamese women and children from being trafficked and HIV/AIDS infection. He stated that the United State Government highly appreciates the role and contribution of the VWU in solving these problems. The United State together with other donors commits to work with the Vietnamese Government as well as the VWU in order to prevent women and children from trafficking in persons and HIV/AIDS pandemic.According to the Ambassador, the Supporting Program to Prevent HIV/AIDS is the biggest program that the United State Government offers to Vietnam as US President G. Bush has chosen Vietnam as a focused country in the US Emergency Support Program with the support level increasing year by year. (USD 65 million this year). He also said that although Vietnam has had great efforts and achieved great results in the struggle against HIV/AIDS, the preventing of newly affected still limits. Moreover, the existing discrimination and stigma against the people living with HIV/ AIDS have reduced the effectiveness of preventing HIV/AIDS efforts. Therefore, it is necessary to find out effective methods such as boosting the communication, education and enhancing awareness of the citizens to shape a proper attitude o­n HIV/AIDS: drug addictionmight be a social evil but HIV/AIDS is not necessary asocial evil; according to traditional attitude, HIV/AIDS o­nly affects risky groups namely drug users and prostitutes but nowadays, it spreads to the whole community; In fact, the people living with HIV/AIDS will make good contribution to the society development if they are equally treated and given proper medical care unless they are marginalized.


To effectively prevent HIV/AIDS, the Ambassador said that it is not o­nly the responsibility of the Ministry of Health but also the comprehensive and close coordination among related agents, of which the VWU plays an important role. At the same time, the VWU should have stronger voice, efforts and higher determination in this struggle.


Mrs. Ha Thi Khiet thanked for the deep interest, the generous support and gestures of the United State Government for the Vietnamese people in general and women in particular in the common fight against HIV/AIDS. She promised that the VWU would try their best to contribute to the prevention and suppression of this pandemic. She also hoped that the United State will give more support to the Vietnamese people and women and wished the cooperation between Governments, people and women be further developed.



                                                                       The Information Center

                                                             Translated by the Int’l Relations Dept.,