Launching program "Vietnamese women are confident in doing business" for 2021

The online training "Vietnamese women are confident in doing business" held by Google’s Women Will, Unilever under the sponsorship of the Vietnam Women's Union (VWU) is a one of the practical activities providing Vietnamese women with knowledge and application of science and technology advances in the digital age, creating opportunities for women members to enhance their capability for business start-up, aiming to support 1 million Vietnamese women in doing business by 2025.

Opening this year's series of training activities, the online seminar "Vietnamese women: Unlocking potential - Financial self-control" aimed to help women balance between their housework and career and awaken their own potential. The event has attracted more than 2,000 live viewers.

As the survey results, up to 73% of Vietnamese women admit that lack of skills and knowledge remains their biggest challenge for business start-up. Therefore, in 2021, Sunlight brand and Google will further replicate the program "Vietnamese women are confident in doing business" through 3 main activities as follows:

• Sharing inspirational stories from successful women doing business.

• Free of charge online training on business and digital skills for popular female-appropriate business models, conducted by experienced trainers (from March to October).

• Contest of business start-up ideas with a total prize of 100 million VND to  support initial capital for women realizing their dreams after the training.

Ảnh 23-04: Closing and award ceremony of program "Vietnamese women are confident in doing business" for 2020

Previously, in 2020, the VWU in cooperation with Sunlight brand and Unilever Vietnam implemented the program "Vietnamese women are confident in doing business" in 10 provinces, inspiring business start-ups, providing trainings and capital for business start-up for nearly 1,000 rural women, and funding 1 billion VND for 60 outstanding business start-up ideas.

Translated by VWU International Relations Department