Khanh Hoa: USD 86.2 million supporting women’s economic development

The figure was reported at the Conference on credit lending management and poverty eradication for women between 2015 and 2020 by Khanh Hoa provincial Women's Union.
Khanh Hoa Provincial Women’s Union awards certificates of merit to outstanding women

Over the past 5 years, to support women’s sustainable poverty eradication and economic development, the provincial Women’s Union has collaborated with banks to provide trust loans worth of USD 86.2 million to more than 70,000 WU members. At the same time, USD 8,087 million worth of savings has been mobilized from WU staff and women to fund poor women’s production and health care.

Furthermore, broad communication has been given by the Women’s Unions to encourage women to practice saving in production and daily life. Many activities to support women in start-up have been organized, such as forums, trade fairs, talk shows, night markets and training courses to name a few.  

The Women’s Unions in Khanh Hoa province have collaborated with entrepreneurs and donors to provide needy women with production means and improve their housing conditions. The Women’s Unions have also been active in job placement and promotion of women’s cooperatives. As a result, 2 cooperatives, 20 cooperative groups, 30 economic development groups and 24 petty trading groups have been established under the Women’s Union sponsorship.

Thanks to the Khanh Hoa WUs efforts, nearly 20,000 households have escaped from poverty. On this occasion, the provincial Women's Union awarded certificates of merit to 27 outstanding collectives and 24 individuals who have important achievements in this field over the past 5 years.

Translated by VWU International Relations Department