Jubilantly Celebrating the 15th Foundation Anniversary of TYM Fund (Affection Fund)

On the occasion of 15th anniversary of TYM Fund (1992-2007), many braches have organized an wide range of ebullient and practical activities starting in Me Linh branch (Vinh Phuc province), then in Quang Xuong (Thanh Hoa ), Kim Dong (Hung Yen) and will be ending in Nghi Loc branch (Nghe An province) on August 31st.


15 years ago, facing pressing needs of poor women o­n the lack of capital and knowledge that led to low income and economic difficulties, TYM Fund was established by VWU in order to gather women into a tie and disciplined organization that supports them with credit and development opportunities. As indicated by its name, over the last 15 years, TYM Fund has created favorable conditions for women to access to micro credit, equipped essential knowledge in product development and life, enabled women to advance themselves. Moreover, TYM has confirmed its sustainable operation model in creating favorable conditions for women to develop their economy, enhancing their role and position in the family and society.


This is an occasion for all staff and members of TYM Fund to reminisce about 15 year’s operation with the first difficulties as well as many successes achieved so far. Staff and members of TYM Fund have composed and rehearsed their own songs and dances in celebrating and contributing to the 15 - year achievements of TYM Fund.

Ngoc Linh
Translated by VWU Int’l Relations Dept.