Increasing the efficiency of online business for women with disabilities

The Vietnam Women's Union (VWU) will actively advise and perform activities to help women with disabilities in many forms and act as a bridge to connect businesses, social organisations and the whole community to join hands to promote equity and rights for people with disabilities, thus contributing to the effective implementation of social security policies.
An overview of the training course

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Vietnam Day of Persons with Disabilities (April 18, 1998-18/4/2023), the Vietnam Women's Union in collaboration with Unilever Vietnam International Co., Ltd. held a training course on staring a business and applying digital technology to increase online business efficiency for women with disabilities.

Sharing at the training course, Truong Thi Thu Thuy, Head of the Family-Society Department under the Vietnam Women's Union Central Committee, said that Vietnam currently has about 3.5 million women with disabilities.

They are subject to double discrimination on the grounds of disability and gender. They are also facing many prejudices, difficulties and risks of becoming victims of violence.

Therefore, in recent time, the Party and State have paid great attention and deployed supported policies to care for and protect women with disabilities to ensure their basic rights, such as: preventing and combating violence and abuse against women with disabilities, towards promoting gender equality; empowering women by ensuring a safe space; creating conditions to promote women's access to resources and opportunities; and improving their capacity and position, thus helping them to be more confident, reducing difficulties, and integrating step by step with the society…

The VWU has the function of representing and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of all classes of women and girls, including disadvantaged women.

In recent years, through innovative, dynamic, and creative methods of operation, the union has organised many diverse and practical activities suitable to meet the needs and wishes of women in order to equip them with knowledge, improve their capacity and skills to cope with social issues affecting women's lives, as well as help women improve their material and spiritual lives and become more self-reliant.

In which, attention has been paid to communications to improve knowledge and skills in all aspects for women; building effective models such as: self-help disabled women; truthful address; shelter in the community; supporting livelihoods; and supporting women in starting businesses.

The VWU have also actively advised, proposed policies, schemes, approved programmes to support capacity building and status for women, especially disadvantaged women.

At the training course, women with disabilities had a chance to listen to experts share their knowledge of starting a business and applying digital technology to increase online business efficiency, including an introduction to e-marketing, popular electronic marketing channels that businesses can apply to promote advertising and business development today; and applying technology to build content, developing business on channels.

They have also been provided with more quality and completely free resources to self-study about online business as well as intensive use of Facebook… thus, helping women equip themselves with more knowledge and skills to help them gain confidence and develop and master the economy.