Honouring cultural values of Vietnamese Ao Dai

As part of the series of activities of the Hanoi Tourism Ao Dai Festival 2022, the Hanoi Women's Union in collaboration with the Hanoi Department of Tourism organised an Ao Dai (traditional Vietnamese long dress) mass performance themed "The capital's women integrate and develop" in Hanoi on December 4.
Chairman of the Hanoi Women's Union Le Kim Anh speaks at the event

The event featured the participation of nearly 1,000 officers, members, women of the capital, families, child models, students, businesswomen, female civil servants, designers, artists, models, and representatives of several embassies of countries and international organisations.

The programme was organised with the purpose of honouring the traditional Ao Dai of Vietnam, sparking creativity from combination of the charming and elegant beauty of the capital's women with the city's unique tourism ecosystem.

This is a highlight of the Hanoi Tourism Ao Dai Festival 2022, contributing to the event’s overall success and creating opportunities for exchanges and cooperation between Hanoi's tourism businesses and artisans, designers, and Ao Dai brands, thus contributing to promoting the image of Hanoi as a “safe - friendly - quality – attractive” destination.

Delegates in Ao Dai participate in the event

Chairman of the Hanoi Women's Union Le Kim Anh expressed her belief that the meaningful experiences from this programme will contribute to promoting the values ​​and cultural identity of the Vietnamese Ao Dai, honouring the image of the Ao Dai as an ambassador of Vietnamese tourism.