Gia Lai: Introducing a community-integrated livelihood development model for women who are victims of human trafficking

On the evening of October 13, 2023, at Hero Nup Street (Pleiku City), the Center for Women and Development collaborated with the Women's Union of Gia Lai province to open an exchange and networking program, introducing a community integration livelihood support model for victims of human trafficking.
The opening ceremony took place in Pleiku City, on the evening of October 13, 2023

On the side of the Central Federation, the programme was attended by Mrs. Duong Thi Ngoc Linh - member of the Central Presidium of the Vietnam Women's Union, Director of the Centre for Women and Development; on the side of Gia Lai Province, comrades Rah Lan Chung - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee; Ayun H'But - Chairwoman of the Provincial People's Council: Rah Lan Chung - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee; Ayun H'But - Vice-Chairwoman of the Provincial People's Council; representatives of departmental, branch and trade union leaders and many members and women from 17 districts, cities and towns; women's representatives participated in the networking booths of Kon Tum and Binh Phuoc provinces.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Ms. Duong Thi Ngoc Linh said that one of the important tasks of the Center for Women and Development is to support vulnerable groups of women who suffer from gender-based violence, including (sexual) abuse, domestic violence and trafficking, helping them fully realize their rights and necessary skills to get back their lives. "We hope that through exchange activities, the Vietnam Women's Union can connect many typical livelihood models to support trafficked and vulnerable women. This is a valuable experience to replicate widely in provinces and cities all across the country. Moreover, we want to select many qualified products and models to support livelihood packages, and introduce them on the e-commerce booth that the Center is running." - Director of the Center for Women's Development emphasized.

Leaders visited booths to participate in networking activities and introduce the livelihood support model in Gia Lai

The Centre for Women and Development participated in networking activities and introduced the model of community integration of livelihood support for victims of trafficking, this time connecting 2 booths of returned trafficked women; livelihood groups and groups with participation of trafficked women in Kon Tum and Binh Phuoc provinces. The Women's Union of Gia Lai Province connected and introduced 38 booths that are models and associated groups to support livelihood development for ethnic minority women or women at risk of unsafe migration; cooperatives owned or co-owned by women in 15 districts and cities implementing Project 8.

Some booths are introduced in Gia Lai

Products participating in the display and introduction are made by members and women, including clean agricultural products, meeting food safety standards, products produced and raised according to clean processes, VietGap, organic; organic; OCOP products. In addition, the fair also has traditional and local products, products of individuals who have won prizes in startup competitions of the Central Vietnam Women's Union, the Provincial People's Committee, and the Provincial Women's Union over the years.