Cooperation between Kon Tum provincial Women Union, and Attapu and Se Kong provincial Women Union (in Laos) in communication to protect common border-line

In the early July 2008, Kon Tum provincial Women’s Union and Arrapu and Se Kong provincial Women’s Unions (in Laos) signed a cooperation program in protecting the common border line of the two countries for the 2008-2011 period.

According to memo, Women’s Unions of these provinces will mobilize people and women living in border areas to well implement regulations o­n border protection, no trespass o­n land of other country, against illegal border crossing and smuggling; to enhance vigilance over the scheme of sabotage against the solidarity of peoples of the two countries.


The memo also includes the cooperation programs o­n communication, education in communities, active battle against trafficking in women and children across the border; supporting women to reduce poverty and formulating the good model of economic development.


“Kon Tum WU will continue to train staff, and communicators for provincial Women’s Union in Laos o­n gender equality, business management, and at the same time to extend vocational training branch to provincial WUs of Laos” said by President of Kon Tum provincial WU, Mrs. Le Thi Kim Don.

Mai Anh – Border Newspaper
Translated by the Int’l Relations Dept.,