Conference talks women’s role in managing plastic waste

A conference was held in Hanoi on March 15 to discuss the role played by women in managing plastic waste as well as the relations between empowerment of women in households and community with the improvement in the field.
According to President of the Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU) Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, women are the most affected by plastic waste, as well as those who contribute to the easing of pollution and turning plastic waste into resources serving economic development and creating jobs for them.

Along with issuing a number of documents and strategies to promote the role of women in the field, the VWU has actively engaged in the national action plan in preventing plastic waste, while raising awareness of safety for women and children in terms of environment and health, she said.

Ha said that in the future, the union will focus o­n strengthening capacity of women in managing plastic waste, supporting women in launching startup and applying information technology, sorting, collecting and recycling plastic waste, and seeking policies to support women in the activities, especially in health insurance.

Meanwhile, Vu Truong Son, deputy head of the Administration of Seas and Islands under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, said that the ministry has paid much attention to women’s role in environmental protection.

He suggested that the VWU work to raise women’s awareness of impact of environmental pollution and protection, while coordinating with the Ministry of Education and Training to design classes for children o­n environmental protection.

At the conference, the Women Union of Da Nang introduced a model of waste sorting and communication among women in environmental protection, changing their attitude towards the environment and climate change. Participants also shared their stories in encouraging women’s engagement in environmental preservation.-VNA