Bac Ninh Women’s Union Carried Out Various Methods to Practically Assist Poor Households

Bac Ninh Women’s Union has organized the review conference on 3-year conducting entrusted loan service with the Social Policy Bank for poor households and other beneficiaries in 2004-2006 phase.

Since 2004 up to now, there have been 125/125 communes; districts in Bac Ninh province have signed the joint documents with the Social Policy Bank o­n conducting entrusted loan service. Understanding the demand and expectation of members, WU at all levels have studied, directed women members to conduct the entrusted loan-provided procedures, which made the loans disbursement more and more increased. In 2006, there were 144.732,8 millions dong in all the province, increase 51.416 millions dong against 2004, and provided 79.109 loan turns for members. Concurrently, cooperate with Social Policy Bank organized training classes to improve management capacity of credit teams/groups including making financial reports, bookkeeping and accounting. At present, in the whole province, 1.760 credit groups with 30.483 members have been established.

100% member borrowers have savings accounts. In 3 years (2004-2006), WU at all levels has collected 2.017 millions dong savings from member borrowers. For example: the Women’s Union in districts of Que Vo, Thuan Thanh, Yen Phong.

 In 2007, Women’s Union at all levels continue it communication o­n the poverty alleviation guideline of the Government, as well as preferential policy for poor households. At the same time, WU closely cooperates with Social Policy Bank to maximize different financial sources to provide loans for WU’s members to develop their businesses, create jobs and invest in the water supply and environmental sanitation; enhance training activities o­n loans provision and management skills for staffs of credit teams/groups; integrate loans provision with science and technology transfer.

Translated by Int’l Relations Dept.