All level Women’s Unions constantly support women in business start-up

The business start-up of women has been challenging. In the past years, implementing the Program "Supporting women business start-up in 2017-2025 period”, the Women's Union at all levels have supported constantly women overcoming barriers to do their business successfully.
The Party and State leaders and VWU leaders visit women's booths at 2019 Women's business start-up Day.

There were 15,352 women business start-up in 2019

The Project "Supporting women business start-up in 2017-2025 period approved by the Government has made a breakthrough in thinking and methods of implementing activities to support women in business development at all level Women's Unions. Previously, activities of assisting women in economic development focused on credit access, mainly credit from social policies. But currently, under the Project requirements, the assistance must be synchronized from knowledge and skills provision, finance connection to product consumption, and trademark development etc. aiming to create added value in women’s production chain.

In the early years of implementing the Project, the VWU encountered a number of challenges since most of WU’s staffs lacked of knowledge of business planning, marketing, financial management, personnel etc. Therefore, the all level WUs have focused on training for 34,342 WU’s staffs and other sectors on the Project annually. At the same time, more than 33,000 guidebooks on developing business plans for trainers and women have been published.

Each year, the central WU chooses theme for the competition on "Women's Start-up Day". In 2019, the VWU in coordination with the Ministry of Science and Technology has organized the competition entitled "Women and the future of green economy". There were 62/63 provincial and city WUs organizing the "Women's Start-up Day" attracting more than 17,000 women to the event. Almost provincial and city WUs provide follow up activities such as training, helping winners in investment connection, product consumption, and funding to realize their ideas and projects.

As a result, in the last three years, there have been 38,415 women running business start-up; more than 13,000 women have been provided loans of VND 237 billion. More than 25,000 women businesses have been provided with consultation, training and connection to loans, amounted to over VND148 billion.

 Innovative women – business start-up” in 2019 at Quang Ninh district, Quang Binh province

In the coming time, in order to improve the quality and effectiveness of the Project implementation, all level WUs continue to actively connect with agencies and institutions to mobilize more resources to support women business start-up, especially to encourage women to apply science and technology in developing competitive products and services in the market. In addition, monitoring and policy recommendations are considered and promoted to create the most favorable business environment so that more and more women dare to step into the business path and gain more success to make contribution to the country development.


Translated by Int’l Relations Dept.