10 outstanding events in 2023 of Vietnam Women’s Union

2023 has seen significant efforts, creativity of the Vietnam Women's Union (VWU) in the implementation of its tasks and movements. The VWU's e-Portal highlights 10 notable events and activities of the VWU this year:

1. Education of traditions is extensively organized by the VWU of all levels

Tradition education activities are promoted by all levels of the VWU in national, local and VWU’s events and holiday celebrations. The new point is the change in approach and format of education such as:

- Series of activities to celebrate President Ho Chi Minh’s 133rd birthday in Thua Thien Hue province; Celebrating 115th birthday of late VWU President Nguyen Thi Thap with many practical activities; Awarding scholarships to orphans and disadvantaged children; Activities to strengthen traditional friendship with the Women's Unions of Laos and Cuba; "Patron-parent" Program; “Aspiration for Peace” Exhibition and Special experience program "Legend of Youth" at the Vietnamese Women's Museum…

2. Series of activities for reviewing Directive No.21-CT/TW on further promoting women work in the new situation

To promote women's participation in politics and evaluate the implementation of Directive 21-CT/TW for the past 5 years, the VWU successfully held a Conference on women cadres work themed "Building and developing female human resources to match the requirements and tasks in the new situation".

3. Collecting opinions and inputs on the draft Land Law (revised)

The VWU at all levels has collected inputs from women and citizens through various methods, including a consultation workshop and online surveys in Google form related to some issues in the draft Land Law (amended) with 37,325 responses (82% women; 18% men). The VWU has organized nearly 26,800 meetings and received nearly 2,350,000 turns of opinions from organizations and individuals.

4. “2023 Women’s Start-up, Promoting Indigenous Resources” contest

The VWU for the first time welcomed the Prime Minister to attend the final award ceremony. The PM recognized the results of VWU activities in promoting women startups. The event was held solemnly and on a large scale (with 500 onsite and more than 17,000 online participants. The contest had many entries with 2,024 start up projects/ideas - an increase of 30.67% compared with 2021, making a strong impression and promoting the image and position of the VWU in women economic empowerment, contributing to the national development.

5. Conference to honor outstanding presidents of grassroots WUs

Being organized on October 17-19, the program themed 'October Flowers' acknowledged and highly appreciated the efforts and achievements of presidents of grassroots WUs. It serves as a crucial step in implementing the breakthrough 'To build strong local VWU at the grassroots' of the 2022-2027 term and also is a significant activity to implement the 2023 year’s theme.

The program once again affirmed the position, role, the sense of humanity, and important contribution of the VWU and women's movement in general, and the role of VWU's grassroots staff in particular in the local and national development.

6. Launching the program on supporting women-run cooperatives and creating jobs for female workers until 2030 (Program 01)

The VWU held a conference in Hanoi on March 17 to kick off the Program 01. The program has specific targets, tasks, and solutions to serve as a basis for further promoting women's involvement in economic development.

7. "Patron-parent" Program with Summer Camp "Sunflower"

The "Sunflower" summer camp was organized in June to honor 101 pairs of Mother-Child/Father-Child from 39 provinces and cities. Through meaningful activities, the summer camp has widely spread the humanitarian values of the "Patron-parent" Program, contributing to the Action Month for Children and Vietnamese Family Day.

The “Patron-parent” Program was launched by the VWU in 2021. The program has mobilized nearly USD 6.15 million to support and care for 27,670 underprivileged children, of which over 3,000 children were orphaned by COVID-19.

The program has truly become a source of spiritual and material support, affirming the role and contribution of the VWU in addressing the aftermath of the pandemic.

The journey of "Patron-parent" Program has been and will continue spreading love and compassion to our orphan children, empowering them to overcome challenges and strive for a brighter future.

8. National Women's Dance and Sports Competition in 2023

On the evening of June 21, the national final was held in Bac Giang. The event attracted nearly 1,000 mass athletes from 51 provinces/cities and units.

The competition has spread strongly, promoting the movement of physical exercise and sports among VWU staff, members, women and the general public. In many localities, competitions, folk dance exchanges and sports events have been organized, contributing to the widespread development of community cultural and sports movement nationwide.

9. Environmental protection communication and advocacy activities by the VWU

VWU at all levels organized 'Tree planting Tet festival' which resulted in a total estimated number of more than 3 million trees planted up to now; maintain many models of environmental protection, implement the movement against plastic waste.

Numerous waste collection models have generated funds of around 5.7 billion VND (254,000 USD) which is provided as scholarships and healthcare insurance for thousands of disadvantaged women and children nationwide.

The communication and practical activities for environmental protection and natural disaster risks reduction by the VWU of all levels have greatly contributed to raising awareness and changing behavior of its members, women at large.

10. "Ao Dai Week" 2023 and activities to respond to the journey "Ao Dai - Vietnamese Cultural Heritage"

Honoring values of Vietnamese traditional dress, "Ao Dai Week" was launched by the Central VWU from March 1-8, 2023. The event attracted a large participation from VWU members and women across the country.

The Ao Dai events and performances in many localities had the support and participation of many designers, tailors, celebrities, female ambassadors and international friends, making an important contribution to making the value of the Ao Dai become a Vietnamese cultural heritage.

During this occasion, the VWU also presented Ao Dai to women from difficult backgrounds such as Hanoi donated 14,051 sets of Ao Dai; Thua Thien Hue - 2,500 sets; Binh Duong - 1,415 white fabric sets and 113 tailored sets for women who are officials, civil servants, and workers facing difficulties.

Translated by VWU International Relations Dept.