Vietnamese Women's Museum inspires schoolchildren to learn history

For many years, the Vietnamese Women's Museum (VWM) has always prioritized the integration of the museum's collections into educational programs at different grade levels in order to strengthen the connection between the museum and schools in Vietnam. Following the success of the previous programs, we continue bringing two mobile exhibitions entitled "Ho Chi Minh with Women and Children" and "Children in Wartime" to Nguyen Du Secondary School.

        The history lessons of schoolchildren at Nguyen Du Secondary School were more interesting when they got to see photographs that tell stories about children in wartime and the love of Uncle Ho for children. After visiting the exhibitions, they were eager to participate in several puzzle games to get to know more about Ho Chi Minh's life and career. Not o­nly did this activity help them to memorize history, it also made their history lessons more interesting. 


        Tuan Anh, a schoolboy from the class 8A expressed himself: "After visiting the exhibitions, I understand how tough children's lives back then were and how lucky we are now. I also learn more about Uncle Ho's life and understand how he earned the love of the Vietnamese people."


        Another expression came from Trang, a student from the class 8K: "Children's lives in the past were so tough. I really like the photo in which Uncle Ho fed a child. It looks pretty simple yet it clearly shows his love for children."


        The Vietnamese have a proverb saying "A picture is worth a thousand words". Throughout the showcase of those black and white photographs, students at Nguyen Du secondary school definitely learned more about the long journey of the history of Vietnam.

Vietnamese Women's Museum