Vietnam Women’s Union high-ranking delegation visited Laos

At the invitation of Laos Women’s Union, a Vietnam Women’s Union delegation headed by Mme. Ha Thi Khiet, President of the Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU), Chairwoman of the National Committee for the Advancement of Women in Vietnam paid an official visit to Lao Women’s Union from 22nd-26th May, 2007.

In celebration of the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations (9th Sept 1962 - 9th Sept 2007) and the 30th anniversary of the signing of Vietnam-Laos Friendship and Cooperation Treaty (18th July 1977 - 18th July 2007), in every meeting, leaders of the two Women’s Unions of Laos and of Vietnam were pleased to review the fruitful outcomes based o­n the Cooperation Agreement for 2004-2007 term signed between VWU and LWU. The two sides informed each other of the current salient achievements of the two countries and the women’s movement as well as warmly shared experiences o­n women’s work, discussed the content and signed the Cooperation Agreement between the two women’s organizations for the coming period of 2007-2010 in order to promote and develop the close solidarity, special friendship and comprehensive co-operation between the women and people in Laos and Vietnam.


During their stay in Laos, VWU’s high-ranked delegation met and held talks with more than 100 female officials representing a number of ministries and agencies in Laos; visited Cotton Manufacturing Company, Gender Information and Development Center, Center for counseling and protecting Women and Children; attended the meeting with officials and women in Vientiane Capital; o­n this occasion, Mme. Ha Thi Khiet awarded VWU’s Medals “For the Development of Women in Vietnam” for 04 leaders of Lao Women’s Union who have made great contribution to promoting and strengthening the special relation betweenLWU and VWU. In addition, the delegation presented Laos Women’s Union with a number of audio-vision equipments as gifts from VWU.


Especially, the delegation was warmly received by President of Laos - General Secretary of Lao People‘s Revolution Party (LPRP) Choummaly Saynhasone at the Office of LPRP Central Committee in Vientiane. In this meeting, after listening to VWU’s President’s information about the women movement in Vietnam, cooperation between VWU and LWU, special sentiment of the Vietnamese women toward the people, country, LPRP and Laos women, Laos President - General Secretary of LPRP highly appreciated the achievements of Vietnam in general and the Vietnamese women in particular. He expressed gratitude to the Vietnam Communist Party, the Government, people and women of Vietnam for their whole-hearted and effective assistance and support for the Revolution cause in Laos. He also assured LPRP and the Laos people have always been “side by side” with the Vietnamese and supported the Vietnamese as brothers and sisters in the same family. Laos President Choummaly Saynhxon expressed his support to the cooperation scheme between VWU and LWU in 2007-2010 terms. He hope that the Women’s Unions in two countries keep o­n enhancing and strengthening the tradition of special solidarity, close relation and loyal sentiment between Laos and Vietnam, developing the mutual comprehensive cooperation in the process of national development and international integration.


Involving information:

  • Co-operation Agreement between VWU and LWU (2007-2010)
  • Photos of activities of the delegation in Lao.
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