Initial effects from the model of the Club “Family without traffic safety violations ”

Implementing the Resolution No 01 between the Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU) and the National Committee for Traffic Safety in initiating the movement “Women throughout the country actively participate in promoting traffic safety and city order”, under the guideline of the Central VWU, in 2004, the Women’s Union of Quang Binh province has selected Quan Hau town as a pilot/demonstration place to carry out the model of the Club: “Family without traffic safety violations”.

Quan Hau town has a serious traffic problem where the A1 National Road and the river road intersect. Every year, in Quan Hau, there are many traffic accidents (10 – 12 accidents/year) with many dead and injured people. Besides, the roadway and the pavement is frequently encroached o­n by local people for business activities that seriously influence traffic safety. With the support from Party’s Committee and People’s Committee of Quan Hau, the model of Club “Family without traffic safety violations” has been implemented and has gained encouraging results. The number of members has been increased from 35 at the beginning to 50.


Through various activities of the Club such as discussion, panel presentation/talk, communication by video tapes and loudspeakers, the members were provided with information and material related to the traffic safety law. All members have signed a commitment which said: I will not drink wine or beer or use dope while driving;I will not encroach o­n the pavement or the roadway; I will wear a helmet when driving, I will not allow relatives to drive if they are under age and I will encourage them to use other means to travel; I will not drive if I do not have a drivers license.


At the quarterly meetings, reviews are done to draw o­n member experiences, members who have kept their commitment are rewarded and families who have had no traffic safety violations are also rewarded.


It could be said that the model of Club “Family without traffic safety violations” implemented by the Women’s Union of Quang Binh is right and necessary, a modelwhich promotes traffic safety and the reduction of traffic accidents in the locality.
Quynh Nhu