• Positive effort to reduce HIV/AIDS stigma

    Viet Nam has seen a considerable increase over the last few years in the number of people living with HIV who have become actively involved in prevention, care and treatment activities, participants at a seminar in Ha Noi said on Monday.
  • TB and HIV data needed for diagnosis

    Viet Nam needs to set up a system to obtain data for research of tuberculosis so the disease can be diagnosed as early as possible, according to an epidemiologist and professor from the University of Texas.

  • Children will actively respond HIV/AIDS

    A national forum with the theme: children’s voice and HIV/AIDS will take place in August to continue to share and solve related issues of children infected with HIV/AIDS.
  • Men take responsibility for partner’s reproductive health

    Vinh, Hanh, Sinh and Toan form an unlikely, nervous group in the heat of a small waiting area at a health clinic in Viet Nam’s Song Hong (Red River) Delta region.
  • Nation aims for more healthy infants

    A programme to tackle stillbirths and maternal deaths during childbirth is being implemented in the country as Viet Nam strives to attain the UN’s Millennium Development Goals by 2015.