Support centres to help parents of children infected with HIV

the care and treatment of HIV/AIDS sufferers in the outskirts of Ha Noi is a woman who at more that 80 patiently feeds her emaciated son with his every spoon of soup

He is 43 and lives with AIDS. "I have tormented you throughout life," he tells her. "But I need your care."

Drug abuse and HIV/AIDS robbed Tran Van Gi. of first his son and then his son-in law within 20 months.

Now the shattered man and his wife have to care for three grandchildren - the youngest of whom is just three.

The Viet Nam Women’s Union has helped create several centres similar to the o­ne in the outskirts of the capital to support women and prevent HIV/AIDS as part of an initiative to establish ‘sympathetic’ clubs for the elderly.

Here, the elderly can not o­nly share their difficulties; borrow money for business and receive medical treatment, they can also obtain advice about people living with HIV/AIDS.