Malnutrition rate still high in Vietnam

Vietnam has reduced the malnutrition rate among its children to 21.2% from 23.4% in 2007, equivalent to around 150,000 children, said the Vice Chairman of the National Nutrition Steering Committee Nguyen Cong Khan at a conference on nutrition in Hanoi on January 24.

However, according to Mr Khan, the rate still remains high compared to regional countries with most of the malnourished children seen in the northwestern and central highlands areas out of a total of some 2 million all over the country.

International experts said Vietnam is o­ne amongst the few countries with high rate of stunted growth as a consequence of malnutrition, which may lead to noninfectious chronic diseases and long-term effects o­n health.

They said mothers’ poor knowledge of child raising, backward practice and customs and the lack of facilities, documents and resources are hurdles for Vietnam in its efforts to obtain a sustainable reduction of malnutrition rate.