Goals: Promoting women’s fine traditions, solidarity, creativity, proactive international integration and the sense of ownership. Building a strong VWU, taking a proactive part in the building of the Party and the political system, and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of women. By the 100th anniversary of the VWU’s establishment in 2030, the VWU is to become an acknowledged leading organization, striving for the happiness of women with the regional and international reputation, thus contributing to the national development goals.

Emulation movement: "Building the Vietnamese women of the new era" (with such attributes as knowledgeable, decent, in good health, responsible for themselves, for their families, society and the country) as part of the studying and following of President Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morality and lifestyle.

Campaign:Building the Families of 5 Without-s & 3 Clean-s”

Breakthroughs: (1) To innovate the VWU's mode of operation, focusing on the information technology application; (2) To build strong local VWUs at the grassroots.

8 targets for the 2022-2027 term

(1) Annually, each communal VWU is to carry out at least one type of activity to mobilize women to improve their knowledge, morality, and health.

(2) Annually as a result of the VWU’s support, 33,500 women's households are to move out of poverty and near-poverty situations, and 17,000 female business owners, cooperative managers and business household owners are to raise their business capacity. By the end of the term, 350 new cooperatives are to be established with women in the management boards.

(3) By the end of the term, the VWU at all levels are to support 80% of women and girls who are victims of family violence and human trafficking to access at least 01 social assistance service.

(4) Annually, each communal VWU is to mobilize and support 5 additional households to meet the criteria of "5 Without-s & 3 Clean-s" or "5 With-s & 3 Clean-s"[1] (for the newly upgraded rural areas), so as to help 55,000 additional households to meet the 8 criteria nationwide. Annually, each communal VWU is to register with the authorities and to implement 01 project to contribute to the construction of a new rural area and a civilized city.

(5) By the end of the term, the VWU is to recruit 800,000 new members and each communal VWU is to attract more than 60% of local women as their members.

(6) By the end of the term, all full-time cadres of the VWU at different levels are to become proficient in VWU’s basic softwares, and heads of all women’s groups are to receive training on the VWU's work.

(7) Annually, the VWU at central and provincial levels are to take the lead in supervising at least 01 policy and conduct social counter-arguments on at least 01 draft legal and policy document related to women, children, family, gender equality and the VWU itself. Each VWU at the district and commune levels is to supervise at least 01 policy and give comments on at least 01 draft document of the local Party committee and local authorities.

(8) By the end of the term, the Central VWU is to successfully propose at least 05 policies and projects[2]. Each provincial VWU is to successfully propose at least 01 policy or project related to women.

03 main tasks

1. To support women in comprehensive development and building the Vietnamese family which is prosperous, happy, progressive and cultured.

2. To participate in building of the Party and political system; to focus on supervision and giving social counter-arguments; and to realize gender equality in the society.

3. To build a strong VWU organization with professionism, efficiency and proactive participation in international integration.

04 solutions

1. To renew communication, advocacy and awareness raising activities.

2. To innovate direction and administration methods.

3. To accelerate the theoretical research and practice review.

4. To improve the effectiveness of cooperation activities and resource mobilization.

[1] 5 With-s: with safe house, with sustainable livelihood, with good health, with knowledge, with civilized lifestyle; 3 Clean-s: Clean house, kitchen and surrounding streets.

[2] Tentatively the policies and projects on (1) health insurance to screen women’s common cancers;  (2) protecting and supporting women with disabilities, elderly women and female migrant workers;  (3) supporting female migrant labourers with children under the age of 36 months;  (4) supporting cooperatives managed by women and creating jobs for female labourers in 2022 – 2030 period;  and (5) VWU’s digital transformation in 2025-2030 period.