XV Congress of the Women International Democratic Federation: fair peace, economic development and social justice for all people

The Women International Democratic Federation will hold its XV Congress, from 8th to 12th April 2012, in Brasilia, DC. It will be five days of intensive discussions, studies, social gatherings and struggle for world fair peace, with economic development and social justice for all peoples. The international leaders will also define the main directions and challenges that the executive board, elected at the congress, shall follows during its mandate.

 The XV Congress of WIDF happens in a context of severe economic crisis from the developed countries as USA, Europe and Japan, where the flexibilization of the acquired rights of working men and women have led millions to unemployment and poverty.

The aggressions and invasions to countries that do not submit to plunder its wealth, the route of the oil and gas, have led millions to the streets in several continents. Campaigns of solidarity with Palestinian women, the release of the five Cuban heroes, supporting Arab and the Saharawi women, against the economic crisis, the neoliberal policy and its effects o­n women, the SOS Africa, solidarity and cooperation among peoples and nations, the struggle for equality, sovereignty, independence and fair peace will be issues raised by women around the world in the World March that will be held o­n the Esplanade of Ministries.

Delegates from America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Arab countries, who work in several areas, will attend the XV Congress as women leaders, trade unionists, politicians, parliamentary, student, among others. All come to Brazil with their cultural identity, its history, its achievements and struggles, its unwavering commitment to a better future for everyone. Each o­ne brings in the luggage the confidence and trust that together we can be very strong. Brave women and determined that throughout their lives were dedicated to the struggle for the emancipation of their peoples and in particular the complete emancipation of women in a world free of violence and social and political equality.

In its 66 years of existence is the first time that WIDF makes such a major event in Brazil, at the time the Brazilian Nation won the first female president in its history, with the election of Dilma Rousseff.

(Source: WIDF)