Vietnamese designers benefit from fashion center in Saigon

The Japanese Zen Plaza in Saigon is a joint-venture project between the Hasegawa Company and a Saigon cooperative

In 2002, the Zen Plaza building officially opened o­n Nguyen Trai street, a busy commercial area in District 1, following a new model of Hasegawa Vietnam Commercial Fashion Centers. Surprisingly, a young Vietnamese woman is serving asGeneral Vice Director, o­ne of the top leaders of the 100% foreign-capital company. She is Trieu Thi Kim Giang, former Head Representative Office of Hasegawa in Vietnam.


“Zen” is an aspect of Japanese culture which emphasizes the equilibrium of spirit and body. In order to bring the Zen spirit of comfort and relaxation to customers, Zen Plaza has been a showcase for several promising fashion designers in Vietnam.


With an 8-floor commercial center and a total area of 20,000 square meters devoted to jewelry, shoes and clothes, Zen Plaza welcomes an average of9,000 customers every day. o­n days with special programs, the number of customers and tourists increases to 15,000. Zen Plaza sells products fromleading international fashion companies, such as Viettien, Senti, Oxy, Rudy, and Jokey, as well as new Vietnamese designers.The Designer Boutique Department in Zen is an ideal platform for young designers to present their fashions. In her position as administrator-cum-investor, Mrs. Huong Giang advises young designers o­n how to target their customers and utilize material to create the right fashions. As a result, several shops have quickly increased their turnover. Young designers as Nguyen Sa, Viet Lien, Anh Vu, Dieu Anh, and Quoc Binh have become more familiar to the public in Vietnam and abroad. Zen Plaza also organizes fashion shows in many countries to introduce Vietnamese-designed clothes to international audiences, such as designer Minh Hanh’s “Return to Heaven” fashion show at the ancient Kiyomizu temple in Japan. Headed by Mrs. Huong Giang,Zen Plaza is playing an essential role in the development of exciting fashion trends for Vietnamese youth.

by Dieu Thanh