Vietnamese and Cuban women strengthen solidarity, cooperation for mutual development

On November 20, the Vietnam Women's Union (VWU) in collaboration with the Cuban Women's Federation held an online high-level meeting between the women's organizations of the two countries.
Ms. Ha Thi Nga, Member of the Central Party Committee, VWU President at the meeting

At the meeting, together with sharing the internal situation and the WU’s activities in each country, the two sides discussed future cooperation activities to strengthen solidarity, friendship and cooperation between Vietnamese and Cuban women. The VWU also wishes to develop relations with women’s organizations in Latin – American countries through the Cuban Women's Federation.

Speaking at the meeting, Ms. Ha Thi Nga, Member of the Central Party Committee, VWU President, congratulated Cuba on its achievements over the past time under the leadership of the Communist Party of Cuba. She affirmed that Vietnamese women and the VWU would always support the Cuban Women's Federation, Cuban women and people in the cause of the national development.

Online high-level meeting at VWU headquarter in Hanoi, Vietnam

Ms. Ha Thi Nga was very impressed with the Cuban women’s achievements over the past time, notably the high percentage of women in leadership, science, and especially the role of Cuban female scientists in the process of experimenting and producing vaccine against Covid-19. 

Ms. Teresa Maria Amarelle Boue, Member of the Politburo of the Communist Party of Cuba, Member of the State Council of the Republic of Cuba, Secretary General of the Cuban Women's Federation, expressed her impression of VWU’s experiences and achievements in many fields, especially the models for supporting women in economic development and supporting women in remote and ethnic minority areas. She said that these will be valuable experiences for Cuban women to study.

Cuban Women's Federation discusses with VWU via online platform

Referring to upcoming activities, VWU President Ha Thi Nga suggested that the two sides could cooperate on promoting women's participation in politics, education, scientific research, and supporting women in economic development traditional education and nurturing fine family values, etc.

Ms. Teresa Maria Amarelle Boue agreed with the cooperation proposal to strengthen the relationship between the two sides. In particular, she hoped that the two organizations would share experiences on increasing the participation of women in businesses, especially small and medium enterprises.

Cuban Ambassador to Vietnam Orlando Nicolas Hernandez Guillen participated in the meeting in Hanoi

Speaking at the meeting, Cuban Ambassador to Vietnam Orlando Nicolas Hernandez Guillen affirmed that the Cuban Embassy would always support the VWU’s initiatives in enhancing cooperation between the women of the two countries. In particular, the Ambassador emphasized on possible academic exchange and scholarships between the two countries. The Ambassador hoped that the direct cooperation activities between the two women’s organizations would be implemented in the near future when the Covid-19 pandemic is controlled with vaccination coverage.

Translated by VWU International Relations Department