Vietnam is a good example of commitments to children

Mr. Jesper Morch, Chief Representative of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), said Vietnam set a bright example for the world on commitments to children

as demonstrated in its impressive progress in realizing the Millenium Development Goals and big efforts in developing the Socio-Economic Development Program 2006-2010 with great emphasis o­n social and children’s issues.


On 14 December 2005, UNICEF Vietnam made public the 2006 annual report o­n children’s situation in the world with the theme “Exclusion and Neglect”. In the report, UNICEF calls nations to take more actions to realize the Millenium Declaration and Millenium Development Goals from now to the year 2015 with the principal targets of improving livelihood of millions of children in the world, making it free from illness, malnutrition, poverty and illiteracy.


On this occasion, UNICEF recommends 3 strategic fields for world-wide actions, namely greater efforts to help children and their families access basic social services; implementation of long-term development initiatives based o­n the human-rights-centered approach; and more attention given to the vulneralble children.