Training Workshop on "Formulation of funding mobilization strategy for the Vietnam Women's Union"

To further promote foreign funding mobilization for main activities of the Vietnam Women's Union (VWU) in the context of decreasing aid sources and strong competition in the international aid market, the Central VWU, on 6 -7 January 2005, conducted a Training Workshop on "Formulation of External Funding Mobilization Strategy for the Vietnam Women's Union".

Attended in the Workshop were participants including VWU's leaders and key staff from different central departments of VWU. During the workshop of 2 intensive days, under the active guidance and facilitation of Mr. Do Ba Khoa, Master in Development Management, Director of the Asia-Africa and Latin America Department of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations, the workshop participants were equipped with basic skills o­n strategy formulation and necessary information o­n general situation of foreign aid in Vietnam and of VWU. The participants discussed, identified and analyzed difficulties and opportunities in external funding mobilization work of VWU in the coming time. Particularly, the participants also formulated and agreed o­n the framework for the Strategy, which is to be further developed into a comprehensive Strategy guiding external funding mobilization work of VWU in 5 to 10 coming years.

It is expected to have this Strategy finalized by the 2nd quarter of 2005 and to push up VWU's external funding mobilization more effectively, serving for successful implementation of its main activities as well as of Vietnamese women's movement in the coming years in line with the Party and State direction o­n external cooperation for economic development "Actively advancing economic integration to make full use of the technical, financial and high-tech supports from international funding agencies".