The center for women and development actively promotes shifting the argument to women

Digital transformation is a great opportunity for women to grasp information, access new business models and markets, and create new values. "Promoting women's participation in the digital economy is one of the key tasks and solutions in the economic field" is one of the goals and tasks of the National Women's Union at all levels.

In June 2023, Ms. Kim Quy - owner of Hue specialty food brand "Quang AC Foods" participated in the activity "Exchange and connection to introduce typical women's livelihood models" organized by the Center for Women and Developed in coordination with the Women's Union of Thua Thien Hue province. She told us: "I do not only sell products at regular stores, no, for many years I have focused on online sales channels: Tiktok Shop, Facebook, Now, Foody... to diversify distribution channels. It turns out that this online channel is a very effective method; the number of customers increases steadily, but all of the customers live far away." Not being limited to a few communes or districts, Quang AC Foods' customers are now all over the country, and there are even customers from abroad.

Digital economy or digital transformation has brought great opportunities for women. Digital transformation helps women increase job opportunities and access new business models. It also creates conditions for women to participate in commercial transaction platforms, reach customers, and manage operations more effectively. Especially for vulnerable women, thanks to digital technology, the barriers that made them "weak" in the past have now been successfully erased.

Without needing too much capital to open a store, women can sell online on social networking platforms. Without having to offer or consign products, women can directly livestream introduce products to millions of potential customers... Many new opportunities open up for women to develop their economy in a sustainable way and to strengthen their and autonomy.

Realizing the importance of digital transformation in empowering and increasing women's economic independency, the Center for Women and Development has focused on applying digital transformation. The center organizes many training courses with instructors with rich practical experience in online business for many different types of women.

The Training Program "Improving digital transformation capacity to support women's sustainable economic development" taking place on October 9 and 10, 2023 is one with such content. The training class is organized by the Center for Women and Development, accompanied by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Vietnam (FNF for short) - a German non-governmental organization.

From 2021 until now, the Center for Women and Development has coordinated with FNF to implement training courses to improve capacity to support women's economic development with a variety of practical topics. The target audience of the activities is disadvantaged women, individual business households, family businesses, small and micro enterprises owned by women. The main goal is to help women confidently start a business, contributing to economic development for individuals, families and the country. The training course in October 2023 was held in the context of ministries, branches, localities, agencies and businesses organizing many activities in response to National Digital Transformation Day October 10 throughout society. Along with that, the Association at all levels implemented activities under the National Women's Startup Contest and the working theme for 2024 is "Increasing the application of information technology in Association activities".

The training class has successfully helped disadvantaged women to fully equip the knowledge and skills to participate in digital transformation. After this practical course, we believe that many students will boldly join the booming digital economy in Vietnam.