Thanh Hoa province welcomes 13th National Women’s Congress with six typical projects

In response to VWU’s special emulation movement to welcome the 13th National Women's Congress, Thanh Hoa Provincial Women's Union (WU) has chosen the 6 most typical projects among 700 ones to implement at all levels.
The green fence route of the WU’s members in Tien Trang commune (Quang Xuong) contributes to changing the face of the new countryside

First, the project "Turning garbage into money" is aimed at getting 10,000 gifts worth 3 billion VND (about 120,000 USD), to support the program "Million gifts of love" for orphans, women and children in difficult circumstances.

Second, the project "250 km Flower Road - Painting Road - Tree Row - Green Fence" is to renew and beautify the old fences and walls by painting murals, decorating flower baskets made of plastic waste or planting flowers, trees and green fences on road sides...

At the launching ceremony to welcome the 13th National Women's Congress

Third, the project "2,250 clean house - model garden", "clean house - beautiful garden" is to improve the quality of life, protect the environment, contributing effectively to VWU’s campaign "Building a family of 5 Without-s and 3 Clean-s" and the National program of building a new style of rural area.

Fourth, the project "500 women’s products to be put on e-commerce platforms" is aimed at helping members and women promptly adapt to the new era, confidently start a business, apply digital technology and e-commerce in their production and business, increase productivity and family income, thus contributing to the local socio-economic development.

Fifth, the project "6,000 sets of Ao Dai - National Costume on New Year" is to donate Ao Dai to women in difficult circumstances, mobilize and encourage women to simultaneously wear Ao Dai during 3 days of the traditional New Year holiday. This is to honor Ao Dai - graceful beauty of Vietnamese women, and contribute to preserving the cultural identity of Vietnamese women. The project  calls on staffs, members and people to donate, support the set-up of cabinets or stalls of Ao Dai with the slogan "Whoever needs it, gets it, whoever has it, gives it".

Sixth, the project "13,000 photos of Vietnamese families - Gathering on the New Year Holiday (Tet)" honors the fine cultural traditions of Vietnamese families; and encourages family members to follow measures of the Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control during Tet. These photos will be posted on the provincial WU’s fanpage for voting.

These activities will be reviewed on the 112th Anniversary of International Women's Day and the 1982 anniversary of the Hai Ba Trung uprising to welcome the 13th National Women's Congress.

Translated by International Relations Department, VWU

Translated by VWU International Relations Dept.