Representative of the North-South cooperation receives a medal

On April 22nd 2004, on behalf of VWU leaders, vice president Nguyen Phuong Minh presented the medal "For the cause of women’s emancipation" to Mr. Christian Vanwert, representative of the "Nord-Sud Cooperation" (Belgium) to recognize his essential contribu­tion for Vietnamese women’s advancement.

So far, as a key leader of the or­ganization, Christian Vanwert has ac­tively assisted provincial women’s unions in many development projects, including supplying training materials for Hue Women’s Union; supplying capital, water filters and egg incubators for poor women in Hoa Binh, Ha Tay, and Ha Nam provinces to create more jobs, gen­erate women's incomes and raise living standards.


He persuaded the Government of Belgium to finance the Project o­n strengthening the institutional capac­ity of the Vietnamese Women’s Union in managing credit/savings in favor of the poor rural women.

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