Priority tasks of Vietnam Women's Union in 2022

Under the theme of the year "Innovation and creativity in implementing the Resolution of the 13th National Women's Congress", the following key tasks of the Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU) in 2022 have been mapped out at the 12th Conference of the 12th VWU Central Executive Committee, organized on 28 December 2021 in a hybrid format.
VWU leaders at Conference

1. Fostering the communication to and mobilization of VWU staff, members and women to implement the "dual goal" of both drastically preventing and effectively combating the COVID-19 pandemic, while making use of opportunities and efforts to contribute to the recovery and socio-economic development in the new normalcy. Continuing to implement effectively the VWU-launched programs of "Millions of affection gifts" and "Patron-parents" to promptly support women, children in difficult circumstances and orphans due to COVID-19.

2. Successfully organizing the 13th National Women's Congress (March 2022).

3. Widely communicating to VWU staff, members, and women at large on the Resolutions of the Women's Congresses at national and local levels. Developing the Master Action Plan to implement the mentioned Resolutions. Issuing guidelines on the implementation of VWU emulation movements and activities for the 2022 - 2027 term.

4. Proposing and implementing policies, projects, programs, and piloting a number of new activities to concretize the 13th National Women’s Congress Resolution and the Resolution of the Women's Congress at local levels, particularly the Project "Supporting women's cooperatives to participate in managing and creating jobs for female labor". Researching and proposing policies to pay for health insurance for screening some common cancers among women, specific policies to protect and support women with disabilities, elderly women and female migrant workers. Proposing the Award for the VWU’s outstanding staff.

5. Strengthening the collaboration between the VWU and the Vietnam Fatherland Front, socio-political organizations at all levels, and different sectors. Focusing on giving inputs to revise the Law on domestic violence prevention and control, the Law on Social Insurance, and giving inputs to draft legal documents, draft national and local socio-economic development programs and plans. Actively mobilizing resources from the society to take care of and ensure the safety of women and children. Timely detecting and speaking up to protect women and children when their legitimate rights and interests are violated.

6. Continuing to implement the National Target Programs on New Rural Development for the 2021-2025 period, the National Target Program for socio-economic development in ethnic minority and mountainous areas for the 2021-2030 period, the Vietnam Family Development Strategy to 2030 with a vision to 2045, the National Program for moral and family lifestyle communication and education to 2030, and others.

7. Reviewing phase I, and putting in place phase II of the Project on mobilizing and supporting women to deal with women-related social issues in the 2017 - 2027 period, and Project on supporting women start-ups in the 2017 - 2025 period. Collaborating with the Ministry of Home Affairs to review 10-year implementation of Government Decree 56/2012/ND-CP dated 16 July, 2012 prescribing responsibilities of ministries, sectors and branches, and people’s committees at all levels in ensuring the participation in State management by the VWU at all levels.

8. Carrying out Digital transformation and international integration activities, specifically researching and piloting the e-commerce system; piloting issuance of smart membership card; improving women’s capacity in digital technology application, and their access to e-Government and the digital economy. Implementing VWU Resolution on Supporting Women in International Integration to 2030: researching and building pilot models to support women in international integration and replicating them where appropriate. Implementing activities in contribution to celebrating anniversaries of Vietnam’s diplomatic relations with some countries.

9. Organizing some significant events on the occasion of the 13th National Women’s Congress and 112th anniversary of International Women’s Day - March 8, Vietnamese Family Day, 92nd VWU founding anniversary, and others.

Translated by VWU International Relations Dept.